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    First Upbikers Program

    If you’re here it’s because, like us, you need to get to the ground better on your brand new bike.

    It is not that we are short, but that the motorcycles are tall, in some cases too tall, making maneuvering at a standstill and maneuvering out of the vehicle an ordeal.

    For a long time we tried all kinds of solutions such as lowering the suspension height, lowering the seat and even installing double soles on the boots. All of these were very expensive and cumbersome and yielded few results.

    One day we came up with an idea: what if we added height only where we should put our foot first on the ground? In the end, it’s not about being taller, it’s about getting to the ground better. With this idea in mind, we designed and tested dozens of prototypes until we created the UpBikers. Then, logically, we applied for the patent.

    Valid for any type of motorcycle and for any type of footwear or foot size, UpBikers are a complement to motorcycle footwear, helping to gain up to 4 cm in height. They are also removable, so you can put them on, take them off and store them with ease.

    We have decided that in order for the world to get to know the UpBikers better, we should give away a few pairs to those first bikers who really need it.

    What do you have to do to participate in the First UpBikers Program?

    Very easy, we just need you to tell us why we should give them to you through this form on the left. We will read all the answers and the best ones will get a free UpBikers. So, without further ado.