We could spend hours telling you how we arrived at this design, but a picture is worth 1000 words. This is the sole of the UpBikers:

Color map

Red zone: a design that allows you to change gear or brake without adding height or losing sensitivity.

Blue zone: this is where we gain the maximum height, almost 4 cm.

Green zone: ground contact zone, designed for maximum grip and maximum surface area without hindering gear shifting or braking.

Yellow zone: zone to gradually rectify the height according to the degree of inclination of the foot in order to be able to walk short distances without removing the UpBikers.

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New version V2
74,45 74,90 

Gain 4 centimeters to the ground🏍.

💥 New design 2024, completely renewed. 🪽 20% lighter than the previous version. ❗️ 18% less volume 💪 New "Perfect Fit" strap fastening system. 🥾 Fits smaller and larger sizes Now two versions, for motorcycles with gears 🏍️ and scooters 🛵