Your will reach the floor better

Upbikers has been designed to make it easier for you to reach the floor from any motorbike (up to 4cm / 1.5 inch)).

For any motorbike

For all types of motorbikes, including automatic ones and scooters. You will be able to change gear and break comfortably and with ease.

With all types of shoes.

Its design, to be patented, has been designed for you to be able to use easily with any type of shoe.

Improving your security

Maximum grip and manoeuvrability both when your engine is turned off, and when you put your foot on the floor. These considerations are the core of the design of the device.

My biggest problem was when I stopped. Each time I had to put my foot on the floor, I had to look for clean areas and even if I wanted to keep my balance.

Diana San / Ducati Monster

One day I want to my local motorbike retailer to try a bike and I couldn’t reach the floor properly from the bike I liked, I was given a pair of Upbikers to try and I ended buying the BMW 1250 GS that I wanted with my pair of Upbikers.

Mark Jance / BMW 1200 GS

In Madrid I tend to use the KTM to move around. Having that extra security that the Upbikers provide, has prevented many falls, especially when stopping and on the zebra crossings.

Jose Manuel / Kawasaki Versys