We recommend you to watch our video instructions by following these links.

Video in Spanish. (Subtitles in other languages)
You can also follow the manual on this page.

Size guide

Choose strap A or B, depending on the size of your shoe.

A: 35 to 40
B: 41 to 46
USA and Canada
A: 5 to 9 (women’s)
B: 8 to 12 (men’s)
United Kingdom/Australia
A: 3 to 7
B: 8 to 12
A: 22 to 26cm
B: 27 to 31cm
A: 21 to 25
B: 26 to 30

Tip: Stretch the straps

It is recommended that you stretch the straps before fitting them to make them less rigid.
In this way we will gain elasticity and we will be able to make a correct use while enjoying our Upbikers.

Fastening buttons

Each button consists of two parts that are fastened together by means of an inner clip.
These pieces can only be placed once and, if we make a mistake during assembly, we will have to break them with the help of a tool.
Remember to choose between “A” or “B” according to the size of your shoe, following the size guide.

Tips: The lapel, always on top

The straps have a flap that should point upwards and not towards the ground.

This flap will help us to put on the Upbikers and is designed to adapt to the shape of the heel of the boot.

Placement (strap “A” or “B”)

Once we have selected the strap that fits the size of our boot, we will place a single end with a fastening button.

Once the first end of the strap is in place, we will check with our boot that we have indeed made the right choice before attaching the other end.

Positioning of “C” strap

Now we only have to place the “C” strap on the top of our Upbikers.

Keeping in mind that the flap should again point upwards, in the direction of the leg, and not towards the toe.

Now you can put them on and enjoy your motorcycle safely.

To put on the Upbikers put the toe of your foot inside the UPBIKER and stretch the strap to attach it to the heel. To take them off, pull the strap and take your foot out comfortably.

Your Upbikers are now ready to enjoy your motorcycle and riding safely.