The height of the seat of the bike varies depending on the weight of the rider, the suspensions and their adjustments, in addition the height of the seat will depend on the type of bike in question, since the trail bikes are generally higher than for example a scootert or a custom.

Seat types change depending on the type of bike and the use for which they are designed.

Thus custom bikes, type HARLEY, have lower height seats since the bike is sought to have a low center of gravity to facilitate its handling, given its usually high weight.

Motorbikes such as the KAWASAKI Z900 or THE YAMAHA MT-07, they usually have well-fluffy seats but with widths that may require further arching the legs and making it difficult to reach the ground comfortably, the wider the width that our legs make to reach the ground and therefore we will lose height and we’ll get worse.

Sports bike seats such as the HONDA CBR 1000 or YAMAHA R1 are slightly higher. They are usually small and uncomfortable, narrow at the front and wider at the back.

Touring bikes, such as the BMW R 1200 RT or Yamaha FJR 1300, are designed to offer great on-the-go comfort for both rider and passenger. The seats are generous and comfortable and being wider can complicate access to the ground depending on our height, and therefore, they are not especially high so as not to complicate maneuverability since they are usually high weight bikes.

Down Height BMW 1200 Gs


Trail bikes such as the BMW 1200 GS, KTM 1290 Adventure, YAMAHA Supertener éta or Honda Africa Twin are the ones with very high seats. Being motorcycles intended to offer good performance both on the road and offroad terrain need a great distance to the ground and therefore, their seats are high, of more than 820 mm, with the confidence problems that this entails all kinds of bikers , whether low or high

Offroad bikes or field bikes,such as the KTM or HONDA or YAMAHA such as enduro or motocross bikes, as well as supermotard bikes, are bikes with very long suspensions, a great distance off the ground and therefore seats located at a high height. They are designed to travel almost always standing and the seat should not be far away, but as their suspensions are soft, although the height is even above 900 mm, this one drops a lot when the rider sits.

The height and width of the seat condition the comfort and safety of the driver as they influence the facilitation with which we reach the ground and we can have a stable and safe position.

Supporting both feet on the ground is not the same as arriving only with the tip of a single foot, and if we also take into account the weight of the bike, these factors are the ones that usually influence the choice of the same. However, with UPBIKERS these factors are no longer such a serious problem as it is possible to increase the length of the rider’s legs up to 5 cm, reaching sins to the ground, which results in an improvement of safety and comfort.

UPBIKERS® avoid having to apply the traditional solutions of modifying the seats or the height of the bike or the adjustment of the suspensions that can all of them pose problems of safety and comfort of the rider.

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