How to reach the ground better on the bike

Upbikers make it easier to get on the ground with your bike. It is designed to adapt to almost any type of footwear, so that you can reach the ground better on your bike, depending on many factors, but only one of them solves all of them, supporting your foot first. Your height will not be a problem

All of us who don’t have the height that the manufacturers think a motorcyclist should have (they’re so tall), have encountered the problem that we didn’t reach the ground when we got on our machine and ended up looking like classical ballet dancers when we stopped at a traffic light.

From that moment we started to look for possible solutions that go from the brand itself giving us the motorbike adapted to our height, which can cost up to 2,000 euros, to lowering the suspensions of the motorbike which can cost about 300 euros if you have it done by a specialised workshop, or asking a specialised company to lower the height of the seat, a solution that in the long run your rear will hate and that will also cost about 250-300 euros.

The first solution is expensive, the others have their drawbacks that go from the fact that the bike is not designed for such low suspensions and its behaviour may not be optimal, to the fact that your rear ends up fed up with the bike.

However, there is already a perfect and, above all, cheap solution to avoid all these problems: UPBIKERS®, a removable device that allows you to gain up to 4 centimetres in length on your leg, thus allowing you to lean more firmly on the ground, thereby increasing your safety and avoiding scares and silly falls that, in the end, end up costing you money in repairs.

UPBIKERS® is made from super-resistant materials and its design allows it to be used on all types of motorbikes from Trail, Sport or Naked to Scooters guaranteeing that you can reach the ground with greater safety and comfort.

From now on there is no need to rack your brains to find the solution to reach the ground better, UPBIKERS® is the ultimate solution.

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