UpBikers dynamic test

A tall bike? No problem! Enjoy the UpBikers dynamic test!

Upbikers is the first universal solution that allows you to reach the ground better, which in turn helps you get on and off the bike safely and with aplomb. To buy any product it is always important to test it before making the purchase and, speaking of a motorcycle, this can only be perceived in a dynamic test. Here is an UpBikers test performed by an independent professional and not by “a trusted acquaintance”. This professional analyzes UpBikers’ performance to highlight each of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

We understand that buying a product of this type online is quite risky and, above all, it is about preventing a possible accident. Therefore, the professional tests the feel of the UpBikers with the brakes and the clutch and also observes the response of the bike: if the UpBikers allow a safe handling and last but not least, if he feels comfortable using them and if he can control his body well both on the bike and standing up.

UpBikers can reduce effort and distractions by improving the handling of your bike, adding those 4 cm of height that many lack to reach the ground.

How about you? Have you already tried UpBikers? Share your videos with us!