What are upbikers?

A tall motorcycle? No problem. In the video above, Carlos explains what upbikers are.

The upbikers are a complement designed for bikers and motorcyclists, which helps to improve our handling and well-being on motorcycles, being the least expensive of all the options. For example, to lower the seat by 3 cm, you will spend about 120 euros, and to lower the suspension by only 2.5 cm, you will spend about 200 euros. With UpBikers, you’ll gain almost 4 cm right where it’s needed most; it will cost you less than half of what you would spend with other options; you don’t modify your bike at all; your butt won’t hurt; you can change your bike whenever you want and you won’t invest in modifying it again. The main function of the upbikers is to help you reach the ground better since the first area of contact with the ground occurs at the metatarsals. Thanks to our patent-pending design, you obtain a sufficient support area to maintain balance and control of the bike, especially in stationary maneuvers, without hindering gear shifting or the brake pedal and without impairing ride comfort. The sole is designed with a tread for maximum grip. In addition, the material chosen is perfectly balanced to be durable, flexible and resistant. The straps of the upbikers allow us to adapt it to almost any type of footwear.

How to place upbikers?

Open the straps and insert the foot, making sure it touches the toe cap. Adjust the straps to the necessary tension so that the upbiker is fully adapted to your footwear. Repeat the same with the other leg. To prevent them from slipping off during walking, make sure there is no slack between your shoes and the straps. It’s as simple as that. And now, enjoy your bike!

NB: Don’t ride a motorcycle in flip-flops!

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