5 motorcycles for short riders

motos para bajos de estatura

Are you short and passionate about the world of two wheels? The good news is that despite your height you can ride a motorcycle safely. The most important thing is to choose the most suitable motorcycle for you and for other’s safety, it will be enough that you practice and learn techniques that you can learn in a course. So, today we are going to take a look to 5 motorcycles for short riders.

We will focus on motorcycle models that have a low and not very wide saddle because also a wide saddle can make it difficult to reach the ground with both feet.

Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 Special

This Harley Davidson enduro has a fairly high saddle height for almost anyone as it can reach 898 mm. However, there are ample adjustment possibilities and, above all, there is the unique ARH (Adaptive Ride Height) system that lowers the bike by 25 or 50 mm when you stand up. In practice, with this system you can have a saddle 770 mm from the ground when stationary.

Triumph Street Twin

A “modern classic” naked, reminiscent of the English motorcycles of the sixties and seventies of the last century. The Triumph Street Twin has two cylinders and eight valves, for 900cc and a not excessive power of 64 horsepower. Weight of 198 kg. All this leads to great ease and enjoyment of riding. Very low seat height from the ground: 765 mm. Competing models of this bike measure 770 mm (Moto Guzzi V7), 790 mm (Kawasaki W800) and 793 mm (Royal Enfield Continental GT 650).

Ducati Monster 821

The Ducati Monster 821, like the first one we talked about, has different height options from the factory. The seat clearance is 785 – 812 mm adjustable so the lowest version has 785 mm, something that makes it one of the shortest naked models.

The engine and the whole body of the bike are quite narrow and this makes it possible for any short person to touch both feet to the ground.

BMW R 1250 RT

Do you like big touring bikes? Well, even if you’re not very tall you can have one. The BMW R 1250 RT is among the queens of the road, with its large fairing, 136-horsepower boxer engine, its weight of 279 kg and an endless list of accessories and technical equipment. However, what probably matters most to you is the saddle height, which can be lowered from the original 825 mm to 805 mm.

Honda Rebel 500

A bike that everyone likes and that is also practical, agile and light.

Among all the customs bikes, the Honda Rebel 500 is also perfect for those who have just got their motorcycle license and want to feel safe with a low riding position. The saddle can reach up to 690 mm.

Upbikers: the solution for short people who want to ride tall motorcycles, not only these ones

If you are looking for a solution for riding a motorcycle that is too tall for you, you may not know Upbikers. This product designed and developed in Spain is designed so that everyone can feel safe maneuvering any motorcycle, no matter how tall and heavy it is.

The Upbikers are easy to put on and guarantee to reach the ground as they give 4 cm (1.57″) of height at the tip of the feet, which is the most used area when it is necessary to stop or start the bike.

The Upbikers are a product that gives you security when driving and were developed precisely for short people who do not want to give up their passion for the world of two wheels.

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