Where to buy Upbikers? Only in official stores!


Maybe you’ve got the urge to see the Upbikers, handle them and try them before buying them. It’s understandable and we get it perfectly! That’s why today we are going to tell you about the official stores where you can buy the Upbikers.

First of all, keep in mind that if you buy the Upbikers from our website, you have 15 days to return them. Of course, in the same conditions as when you received them at home. If you want to know how the return process works, you can find all the information you need on this page.

And what if you want to go to a store to try them before you buy them? No problem!


Upbikers official partner stores

We have ensured that a wide amount of stores that sell material for bikers also have our product.

This way you can go to see it and touch it by hand, try it with your motorcycle boots or with the sport shoes you usually ride with and evaluate on the spot if they seem to be a good solution to gain height.

To make things easier for you, we have created a section on our website that will help you find the Upbikers store closest to your home.

Click here, enter your address or zip code and a map will appear.

Beware of pirate websites

We have found online websites that say they sell Upbikers but are not official and do not collaborate with us.

The photos are those of our product but as they are not our partners we are quite convinced that they may be hiding some kind of scam. Do not trust any website that is not ours.

If you find the Upbikers at a cheaper price than the one we have in our online store, please contact us before buying and tell us the URL of the website where you have seen them.

Our product has been made after years of studies and tests to choose the best materials and to guarantee comfort and safety to our users. It may happen that a manufacturer is trying to reproduce the Upbikers. Be careful when buying cheap copies, probably the materials are not the same and this makes the product unsafe.

Don’t gamble! You will be using the Upbikers while riding a bike that can reach high speeds, having a safe product at your feet that guarantees you to arrive with your feet on the ground is very important.

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