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How to obtain a motorcycle license: we answer your most frequently asked questions


The first step to getting started in the world of mopeds is to become certified as a fully fledged rider. Whether you are at the minimum age to pick up a motorcycle or want a more powerful vehicle option, this publication will interest you. We will explain how to get a motorcycle license by answering […]

Tips for choosing a driving school to get your motorcycle license


If you’re reading this, you’re probably just getting into the world of motorcycling. As any first-time driver, it is necessary to be well informed about the most important aspects when choosing a driving school to get your motorcycle license. We will explain the basics that you should consider and some recommendations of guarantees that the […]

Attention driving schools! Offer Upbikers to your students

Equipo para autoescuelas

For a biker in training, it is very important to feel confident with the vehicle he or she will be riding. Getting started in the world of motorcycling through a driving school is a safe and responsible path, although not risk-free. Losing your balance in an instant or a wrong move during the start-stop maneuver […]

Upbikers® can now be used in driving schools belonging to the Union Profesional de Autoescuelas de Valencia.

The PROFESSIONAL UNION OF DRIVING SCHOOLS OF VALENCIAwhich groups more than 150 driving schools in the province of Valencia, and which provide training for the A1 and A2 motorcycle licenses, have Upbikers units at their disposal, so that students who need them can practice both in open and closed circuits. UNION PROFESIONAL DE AUTOESCUELAS has […]

AEOL and UPBIKERS join forces to help new motorcycle license students

AEOL ( leader in road training services and the main supplier of equipment, material and software for driving schools, with more than 6,000 customers throughout Spain and MOTORBIKE DEVELOPMENTS, S.L. have reached an agreement for UPBIKERS to be part of the general catalog of products that driving schools can acquire for the training of their […]