Famous and short bikers passionate for two-wheel world

Not all celebrities are tall, even if they are passionate about the world of motorcycles and have been spotted riding one. There are many VIPs who can be considered “short” and this doesn’t stop them from buying the motorcycle models they like the most. How many of these 4 famous and short bikers passionate for two-wheel world did you know were not super tall?

Elsa Pataky

Model, journalist, actress and producer, Elsa Pataky has a long career in different fields and has never disguised her love for two wheels. In addition, she is instilling her passion for motorcycles to her children and shares the hobby with her husband Chris Hemsworth.

In 2013 she has promoted her role in the movie “Fast & Furious 6” and stated in many interviews that she was a car and motorcycle enthusiast.

Despite being 1.61 m tall she does not refuse to ride motocross bikes or Ducati Scrambler.

Dani Pedrosa: one of the famous and short bikers who wins world championships.

The Catalan biker already has several titles in the Motorcycling World Championship and in different categories (2003 in 125 cc, 2004 and 2005 in 250cc) and you will be surprised to know that he is only 1.58 m tall. You can see that being short has not prevented him from winning important prizes just in the world of motorcycling.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida – The Mayor of Madrid

It was already known from the images that the mayor of Madrid is not one of the tallest characters in the current political scene. He was the same to say his height through a tweet in December 2020. A journalist pointed out that he was 1.63 m and he corrected her by stating that the correct height was 1.64 m.

Almeida has been spotted more than once on a rather tall scooter.

Tom Cruise

In many of his movies the American actor plays scenes with motorcycles of different brands and is famous for wanting to shoot the risky scenes without using any stuntman. How can we forget the adrenaline-pumping moments in the movie Mission Impossible where he was riding a Triumph Speed triple 955 Special Edition.

Well, we’ve seen him on many more tall bikes, even though he’s only 5’6″ tall.

Apparently, many stars are not as tall as they look, but despite this, they are still exceptional.

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