I can’t reach the ground on my Vespa

No llego al suelo en mi vespa (1)
I can’t reach the ground on my Vespa, can you help me? Some time ago a customer asked us this question. He told us that he had gone to an upholsterer and although he lowered the saddle, he still had the same problem with getting to the ground on his Vespa. He told us that he was recommended to change the seat for a flatter one, and to adjust the damping. But that those solutions on how to get to the ground better, did not work for him. Take a look at our last article where we talked about it: I don’t reach the ground on my bike, what do I do? . We are going to analyze this iconic scooter of the Italian brand and tell youthe answer we gave to this customer. I can't reach the ground on my Vespa (1)

Meet the Vespa

Since their appearance in the mid-fifties, thousands of units have filled the streets of the cities. A sidecar adapted to the motorcycle turned it into a vehicle that could be used to transport the whole family. Today Vespas are an icon, a fact that can be fully contrasted with the sales figures of their models over the last few years. With a seat height of 790mm, the Vespa can become a problem to handle for short riders. We know the importance of getting to the ground and the problems it can cause. I can't reach the ground on my Vespa (1)

Solution that helped our customer.

When we talked to him we had a solid and firm answer, UPBIKERS. Upbikers is the solution for this segment of the population with height problems that helps to better reach the ground on the motorcycle, providing 4 extra centimeters on our legs. The solutions they provided to our customer of reducing the size of the seat of the bike, or modifying the suspension had drawbacks that could cause problems or discomfort in driving. If this is also your case, you can take a look at our UPBIKERS for scooters.