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We are proud to announce that the Italian online biker magazine talks about Upbikers in an article. is an online portal with a history of more than 20 years and defines itself as a reference site for all Italian net-bikers. If you are a fan of the motorcycle world and you know Italian (or you speak it fluently!) you might be interested in surfing this site.

The type of content offered is very broad, there are technical data sheets of motorcycles, sports news related to this world, a section to buy, sell or insure a motorcycle and lots of tips to get the most out of “your faithful steed”.

A review of our Upbikers could not be missing in such a complete website. We leave here the link to the article for you to take a look.

It describes in great detail all the strengths of our product and even if you do not speak Italian do not worry, a video and a gallery of images will make it clear why the Upbikers are the ideal solution to handle a tall and heavy bike being able to reach the ground with the tip of your toes.

Introducing UPBIKERS in the YouTube channel of

Moreover, in this video, Stefano Borzacchiello makes a detailed review of the Yamaha TMax Tech Max motorcycle and dedicates a few minutes to demonstrate how riding it with Upbikers becomes more bearable and comfortable.

In fact he highlights the following points:

  • If the bike is too tall there is no need to lower its height, Upbikers can be the ideal solution to get the same result if you are less than 1.70 m tall.
  • They are perfect to feel safer riding whether you are a novice biker or you already have years of experience.
  • They allow you to move the bike more easily, especially in parking maneuvers or to push it backwards.
  • Its material is solid, resistant to abrasions and chemicals. Absorbs vibrations and guarantees a good “grip” in case of wet ground due to rain.
  • They weigh only 330 grams each and fit various shoe sizes between 35 and 43. They allow a 4 cm height gain.
  • The shape of the sole does not affect the driving and the movement of the pedals, in addition to letting you walk quite comfortably.

Want to cut to the chase and see what he has to say about it (in Italian, of course)?

Press play and listen carefully between minute 8 and 11!

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