Can the Benelli TRK 502 be lowered in height?


Today we talk about a specific model of motorcycle, the Benelli TRK 502 and some alternatives so that any short biker can ride this bike without having problems in getting his feet on the ground. If you have become infatuated with this model of motorcycle, you are not very tall and are wondering: can the Benelli TRK 502 be lowered in height? Today we are going to answer you in detail.

Benelli TRK 502 – Technical data

Longitud 2.200 mm
Anchura 915 mm
Peso 213 Kg
Altura asiento Benelli TRK 502 800 mm

How to lower the height of Benelli TRK 502

To lower the height of the bike there are several ways, we have talked about it in general in this article. What are the options for this model?

Lowered saddle Benelli TRK 502

First of all you can change the saddle with one that has less high foam. You will gain 3 centimeters, since this is the difference in height with the original piece that comes from the factory on the bike. So the seat can be about 770 mm from the ground.

Surfing the internet we have found this part at a price ranging between 80 and 100 €, from the original Benelli brand.

You may need the help of a mechanic to install it, so be aware of the cost of his service.

Kit for lowering the height of the Benelli TRK 502 motorcycle.

The kits for lowering the height of the motorcycle consist of connecting rods (the part on which the rear shock absorber rests) that lower the rear suspension by changing its anchor point.

In the case of this bike with a kit of this type you get to gain 4 cm, the seat of the bike would become 760 mm from the ground.

There are several types depending on the model of the bike and for this you can find them online for 150 €, in this case it is even more likely that you need a mechanic to install it.

Risks of lowering the height of Benelli TRK 502

We never tire of reminding you that changing the geometry of the bike affects the balance of its parts. The way the motorcycle operates could change from how it was designed by engineers.

To ensure that the bike is safe, other parts would have to be modified and even then it would not be the same model that left the factory and was designed to work in a particular way.

Changing the chair may seem less “risky” but keep in mind that the height of the foam is also intended to cushion shocks. Lowering the seat may have consequences on the driver’s back, which will be less protected in the event of bumps or long journeys in a seated position.

Is there an alternative to reach with your feet on the ground without touching the bike’s frame? Of course it is!

Upbikers: gain height to ride in total safety



The Upbikers are a revolutionary product designed for people who want to feel safe when maneuvering their heavy and perhaps excessively high bike.

Just put them on the toe of your boots or shoes and in a few seconds you will gain 4 cm on your toes. A cheap and convenient alternative to obtain the same result as the options presented in this article.

The shape of these risers is designed to not interfere with the driving of the bike, in fact you can move the pedals as you have always done, without even noticing that you are wearing them.

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