MBP T1002V Motorcycle: Features and Seat Height


If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and you’re looking for a new bike that offers excellent performance and riding comfort, the MBP T1002V might be just what you need. With its captivating design and impressive features, this bike promises to provide an exciting riding experience. In this review, we’ll focus on the seat height and examine other key specifications of the vehicle.

The MBP T1002V is an excellent motorcycle that offers a perfect balance between performance and comfort. With an accessible seat height, a powerful 900cc engine, and a generous fuel tank capacity, this bike is ready to take on the challenges of the road with grit and style. Whether you’re an experienced motorcyclist or a beginner, the MBP T1002V will surely meet your expectations.

Always remember to ride responsibly and adhere to road rules. Choose the MBP T1002V and experience the thrill and safety of every journey.

MBP T1002V Motorcycle Technical Specifications

Cilindrata 997 cc
Potenza 95 cv
Peso 235 Kg
Deposito carburante 21 l
Altezza sella Moto MBP T1002V 235 mm

Engine and Displacement: Power and Control

Let’s talk about the mechanical component of the MBP T1002V. The bike is equipped with a powerful and reliable engine. The high-quality four-stroke engine delivers superior performance both in busy cities and on open roads. With a displacement of 997cc, the T1002V offers a perfect combination of power and control. The bike’s acceleration response is swift and decisive, providing you with a sense of control and safety in every riding situation.

Fuel Tank Capacity: Long Distances Without Worries

If you enjoy exploring less-traveled roads and covering long distances, you’ll be pleased to know that the MBP T1002V comes with a generous fuel tank. With a capacity of 21 liters, this bike will allow you to travel many miles without worrying about refueling too often. This feature is particularly appreciated by motorcyclists who love off-road routes or long-distance trips.

Seat Height: Comfort and Accessibility

One of the standout features of the MBP T1002V is its seat height, carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and accessibility for a wide range of riders. With a seat height of 820mm, this bike fits well for riders of different statures. Tall and medium-height motorcycle enthusiasts will find this bike suitable for their needs, allowing them to place both feet securely on the ground.

If you’re a shorter rider, you might be looking for a way to feel secure while riding this specific bike. Upbikers provides what you need.

Upbikers: The Solution for Safe Riding with the MBP T1002V


If you’re a shorter rider and want to purchase this motorcycle, there are several solutions available to you. One option is to install new linkages and suspensions to lower the entire bike’s structure, while another possibility is to reduce the seat height. However, these alternatives involve modifications to the original vehicle configuration and could affect the feeling of comfort during riding and even safety. Is there an alternative? Certainly! Upbikers are the answer! These special risers are designed and manufactured in Spain, aimed at adding centimeters to the front of your feet, thus improving grip precisely in critical braking and starting moments.

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