Reviews on Upbikers: What do German customers say?

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Every month, we’re pleased to share with you the evaluations of our Upbikers left by our customers. Last month, we presented the reviews in English, and this month we’re focusing on the opinions of our German customers, in order to deepen our understanding of the product through the experiences of those who have already purchased it. Are you ready to read some reviews? In case you’re not familiar with the language, don’t worry: we’ll provide a translation for each individual review.

German Reviews from Upbikers Customers

Fast delivery, the product makes a good impression, fits perfectly on the boot, rider test is pending.


Alfred is right, the Upbikers adapt very well to any type of shoe, boot, or motorcycle footwear. They have convenient Velcro strips that allow them to be attached to shoes of almost any size.

Simple to put on and provides more stability when standing.

Erich B.

Erich highlights the most important factor, safety while driving a potentially heavy vehicle. Being able to touch the ground with both legs is crucial for maneuvers like braking and starting, and Upbikers provide an extra 4cm per leg by adding length to the tip of the shoes.

Fast delivery and good craftsmanship. Since I have seasonal license plates, I haven’t been able to test them yet, so only 3 🌟 The initial test went well, and pushing the bike was not a problem. I can only assess if they’re useful in everyday life in the spring.

Heike B.

Heike also emphasizes driving safety and appreciates the quick delivery and good craftsmanship of the materials used in the Upbikers, a product designed and made in Spain, in the province of Valencia.

Works as described. It would have been better if the sole was also elevated at the heel. It’s not as comfortable for short distances. Regarding the actual function, the issue of short legs is resolved.


The Upbikers aren’t meant for long walks without taking them off, but it’s possible to do short trips without them being overly uncomfortable. To avoid wearing down the sole, it’s advisable to detach them from shoes and boots and store them in the handy bag provided when getting off the bike.

Perfect! I ride a KTM 790 Duke at a height of 1.55m. These were the missing centimeters for a secure stance. Shifting and using the foot brake are without problems. I would buy them again!

A. Antretter

Thanks to the cavity on the sole of the Upbikers, it’s possible to operate the brake and gear pedals without issues.

We hope that the German reviews from some of our customers have been helpful to you. Here, you can read many more, and if you’re convinced and want to purchase the Upbikers, click here.

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