Motorcycle boots to reach the ground better

botas moto para llegar al suelo

For a not very tall person riding a motorcycle may become a scary experience. But don’t worry because there are tricks like the one we present you in this article: motorcycle boots to reach the ground better.

Motorcycles nowadays can be quite heavy and the seats are far from the ground. This makes it more difficult to ride a motorcycle if you’re less than 5’9″ tall.

The good news is that it is possible to ride (almost any) motorcycle when you are short, just mastering the proper techniques and using some tricks.

First and foremost, make sure you get your license from a school that provides tips for short bikers. In addition, another trick that is often considered for riding a tall motorcycle when you are short is to wear motorcycle boots that increase your height. These are shoes that have fairly thick soles to offer a little extra height, allowing you to reach the ground easily. Let’s take a look at some models and what to keep in mind if you choose this solution.

What to bear in mind when buying motorcycle boots to gain height

A very important thing to keep in mind when looking for this type of footwear is the fact that the boot could make it difficult to shift gears on your motorcycle.

The thick sole not only adds extra height to your foot to better reach the ground, but it also increases the space your entire foot takes up when you place it on the footrest.

This makes it difficult to move the shift pedal with your left foot. You will have to squeeze your toes under the shifter when you want to move it up.

Also most biker boots with thick soles to gain inches usually have the heel higher than the toe. You will gain height but very few centimeters to reach with the tip of your feet to the ground and be able to move the bike or feel safe standing on it. This image makes clear what we are talking about:


Motorcycle boot models to reach the ground better
Daytona M-Star GTX

In many motor forums Daytona is highlighted as one of the best brands that produces and markets good quality boots for short people.

The secret is in the 6 cm sole which has a cork upper covered in leather. The rest of the boot’s details are designed for the biker’s safety: ankle and shin are protected at all times, the sole offers great stability and the additional reflectors guarantee to attract attention and to be seen by other drivers. In addition, the boot is waterproof thanks to the Gore-Tex Duratherm membrane.

As we have already mentioned, keep in mind that the 6 cm you will gain are positioned mostly in the heel of the boot and not in the toe. With these boots you will probably still find it difficult to touch the toe to the ground.

Daytona has models of boots also for women (for example the Daytona SL Pilot GTX Gore-Tex).

They are not cheap but the quality is really high.

Chamaripa motorcycle boots to reach the ground

This brand has different models of shoes and boots and some of them have the sole designed to offer more height to the wearer.

On the Chamaripa website you will find a wide offer (with very different prices) and although they do not seem extremely technical like the Daytona boots, they fulfill the function of giving you between 7 and 8 centimeters of height, depending on the model.

Made in leather, they are aesthetically very nice so if you are interested in going to the latest fashion you may end up opting for a pair of Chamaripa.

Zerimar boots with inner high heels

Zerimar has also many models of boots and leather shoes. Browsing through their online shop you will find some perfect to wear a cool urban and biker style and gain up to 7 centimeters in height.

They are available in different colors and the price is quite affordable.

Upbikers: the alternative to gain height without buying new boots

upbikers alzas botas moto

Another option you have is to continue using the shoes you have always worn, boots or comfortable sports shoes, and gain height where it is most useful: on the tips of your toes.

To gain 4 centimeters (1.57″) you can buy the Upbikers, a pair of Made in Spain toe lifts that are quickly and safely applied to your shoes.

They are designed to allow you to use the pedals of the bike as you have always done so far because they have a hollow area in the sole. You will not notice any change when you have to move the pedals. Besides, walking with them for short distances is not uncomfortable.

You won’t have to worry about sizing as they are universal and fit perfectly in boots, shoes or sneakers from size 35 to 43.

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