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Here we are at the monthly review where we analyze the feedback and opinions from customers who have already purchased and tried Upbikers, the pair of accessories that attach to the tip of your motorcycle shoes or boots to safely control the bike, reaching the ground with both feet. This month, we are presenting the reviews in English along with their respective translations.

Customer Reviews of Upbikers

It works! Now I can ride tall motorcycles.

Michael M.

This is precisely the point, and Michael hits the nail on the head. Upbikers serve exactly this purpose: they fulfill one of the main needs of shorter motorcyclists, allowing them to gain 4 cm per leg and ride taller vehicles more safely.

Great, very happy with them, I can touch the ground with both feet.

Martin C.

Martin also highlights the strong point of Upbikers, the fact that they allow you to touch the ground with both feet, which is very useful during braking and restarting maneuvers, and for feeling secure on any type of terrain.

Quality materials, feels good on my foot, it will take me some time to get used to them but they are already helping me <3


This user emphasizes the quality of the materials. Upbikers have been designed and manufactured in Spain, in collaboration with footwear experts who have advised on the materials and shape. Beneath the sole, there is a hollow area that allows the rider to control the pedals as if they weren’t wearing them. They might require a few days of adaptation, but you get used to riding with them and feel safer on your motorcycle.

Simply incredible, I love my Upbikers! I have more confidence in myself when stopping 🤩

Urucatu C.

As Urucatu says, safety while riding is one of the most important factors to consider when maneuvering a heavy and fast motorcycle. Feeling secure increases self-confidence and ensures a smoother journey for oneself and others.

First time today on a Pan European ST1100, I’m 5’6″, last year it was a tough task to ride it, but now it’s a wonder. Much safer with these on. Worth the money. If you struggle to reach the ground on tall bikes, don’t think twice, it’s an obvious choice.

Kevin Tinker

Kevin was able to compare riding the same motorcycle with and without Upbikers, and explains how with just an additional 4 cm on the tips of the feet, the experience changes significantly and can become more enjoyable and relaxed.

Did you find these reviews helpful? On this site, you can read many more, and if you’re convinced and want to buy Upbikers, click here.

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