Ducati Desert X 2023: Innovation in the World of Off-Road Motorcycles

ducati desert x 2023

Ducati motorcycles have always captured the attention of two-wheeled enthusiasts, and the new Ducati Desert X is no exception. This off-road motorcycle has been designed to tackle the most challenging terrains, offering exceptional performance and captivating design. Let’s explore the features, strengths, weaknesses, and height of the Ducati Desert X. If you think you’re too short to enjoy this motorcycle model, don’t worry – we provide a solution at the end of the article.

Features of the Ducati Desert X

The Ducati Desert X is equipped with a powerful 937 cc twin-cylinder engine capable of delivering 110 horsepower. This engine, combined with a sturdy chassis and high-performance suspension, allows the motorcycle to confidently navigate any type of terrain. The transmission is six-speed, ensuring a smooth and precise ride.

The motorcycle boasts an aggressive and adventurous design, with sharp lines and a fairing that enhances aerodynamics. The fuel tank has a capacity of 15 liters, enabling long journeys without the need for frequent refueling.

What’s the difference between the 2022 model and this year’s model? It’s the same motorcycle we know and reviewed here, but with a small additional detail – now it’s also available in black with red accents, a more aggressive look.


One of the main strengths of the Ducati Desert X is its maneuverability. Despite its size and weight, the motorcycle is surprisingly agile and easy to control. The high-performance suspension effectively absorbs the roughness of the terrain, offering optimal comfort on both dirt roads and rugged paths.

Another strength is the onboard technology. The Ducati Desert X is equipped with a 5-inch color TFT display that provides essential information such as speed, fuel level, and engine temperature. Additionally, it features various riding modes, allowing you to adapt the motorcycle’s performance to different terrain conditions.


Despite its numerous strengths, the Ducati Desert X also has some weaknesses. Firstly, the price of this off-road motorcycle could be high for some buyers. It’s important to carefully assess your budget before considering the purchase.

Furthermore, the Ducati Desert X may not be suitable for all types of riders. The motorcycle’s size and height could be a barrier for shorter or less experienced riders. It’s crucial to take a test ride to evaluate if the motorcycle fits your riding style and needs.

Ducati X Series Technical Specifications

Cilindrata 937 cc
Potenza 110 cv
Peso 202 Kg
Deposito carburante 21 L
Altezza sella Ducati Desert X 875 mm

Ducati Desert X Height

An important aspect to consider about the Ducati Desert X is the seat height. This off-road motorcycle features a seat height of 875 mm, which could be uncomfortable for riders of shorter stature or with shorter legs.

Upbikers: The Solution for Riding this Motorcycle if You’re Short

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If you’re a shorter rider and don’t want to miss out on riding this motorcycle, there are various solutions for you. One option is to install new linkages and suspensions to lower the entire structure of the motorcycle, while another is to lower the seat height. However, these options modify the original vehicle structure and the comfort of the ride. Is there an alternative? Yes! Upbikers! These are special attachments designed and produced in Spain, intended to add centimeters to the tips of your feet and provide better grip exactly where you need it for braking and restarting maneuvers.

Want to learn more about Upbikers? Visit our online store and read reviews from those who have already purchased them.

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