Take advantage of this Black Friday to buy your Ubpikers

The end of the year is approaching, the first days of winter and with it, the vacation period to disconnect from this exhausting 2021. As lovers of roads and endless landscapes, we know that a road trip with the sun on our backs is an ideal way to end the year. Today we talk about Upbikers and Black Friday.

You already have the passion, you already have the plan and there are plenty of roads, what more do you need? Like many potential bikers, those few centimeters missing to reach the ground with both feet make all the difference: those who are less than one meter and seventy-five centimeters tall feel insecure about not being in full control.

That fraction of an inch separates you from being confident enough to ride a motorcycle with full conviction to hunt for corners. That fraction of an inch is just a few clicks away and with an unbeatable offer.

Gain those missing centimeters without having to modify your bike with
the solution to add 4 centimeters to the area of first contact between the ground and your feet. And to help you finally embark on that biker life you’ve always wanted, we’re launching our
an unprecedented offer in our company that will last not only for one weekend but for the whole month of November.

For only 59,90 € (and not at the full price of €79.90) you’ll get your hands on a pair of Upbikers that will allow you to learn how to ride a bike or gain more confidence to acquire that one you always thought was really nice but too tall (we’re talking about motorcycles, hey! 😉 ).

And what’s even better is that this promotion
includes shipping and handling
for buyers within the United States and the European Union.

Why choose Upbikers?

Get on your bike

For those of us who are not particularly tall, riding a two-wheeled vehicle with too much height is particularly difficult. How can we forget those times in childhood when you borrowed a bike that with difficulty you could get on the saddle, turning the act of pedaling into a real daring. The same complications are experienced by medium-low altitude crew members with large motorcycles, although with greater complexity and risk.

Between dealing with the weight of today’s bikes and being aware of road conditions when stopping and restarting, having both feet in contact with the ground is a matter of comfort and safety. A small imbalance can make all the difference between being in control and not being in control.

There are alternatives to reduce the motorcycle’s height by a few centimeters, but they imply sacrificing dynamism, control or comfort. These include reducing suspension travel to cut suspension extension, however, you will have a bike with stiffened traction. You can also change or lower the seat, choosing one with a structure without foam padding, but in exchange your comfort will be affected. Another option is to replace the rear linkage with a longer extension, reducing the height of the rear of the bike, but affecting its geometry and, therefore, the dynamism when going out to ride.

An option with no mechanical sacrifices or complicated attachments is
. It is a product developed in Spain that adds centimeters in the area of first contact of the foot with the ground. With those 4 extra centimeters you will feel more confident and safe to maneuver a motorcycle.

It is a universal accessory that you can use with your bike or ride a friend’s bike and not have to worry about making any adjustments.

Think about it: those 60 € you were thinking of spending on a plane ticket to leave the city or on another video game to stay at home, why not invest it in the solution to go out on the road riding a motorcycle at full speed – the allowed speed, of course!

Have you already decided on Upbikers this Black Friday?

Visit our store by clicking here, check out the reviews of those who have already been convinced after having tried Upbikers and take advantage of the PRE-BLACK FRIDAY!

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