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For a biker in training, it is very important to feel confident with the vehicle he or she will be riding. Getting started in the world of motorcycling through a driving school is a safe and responsible path, although not risk-free. Losing your balance in an instant or a wrong move during the start-stop maneuver can mean taking the weight of many kilograms of machinery on top of your body and injuring yourself. Sometimes driving schools do not have all the necessary equipment to prevent this.

In addition, accidents like this can translate into many euros in penalties for injuries during a motorcycle practice. And although everything seems to be covered by the mandatory insurance that every driving school must have, the situation becomes complex. This was demonstrated by a recent ruling of the Provincial Court of Madrid on the case of a driving school student who suffered a mishap during a practice session eight years ago. Recently, the court ordered the compensation of 77,000 euros to the affected party.

The fall and compensation

On November 4, 2013, the aforementioned woman performed the motorcycle start-stop maneuver under the tutelage of one of the driving school instructors. At some point they lost their balance, neither of the two crew members could handle the 150 kilograms of weight of the vehicle and they fell. The student suffered injuries and demanded a compensation of 96,000 euros, which was rejected by the 33rd Court of First Instance of Madrid.

But the Provincial Court of Madrid overturned the sentence and, according to a note from the Confilegal portal, partially upheld the woman’s appeal and ordered the insurer contracted by the driving school to pay 76,865.69 euros plus interest.

Both the driving school and the insurance company did not stand idly by and sought to reverse the ruling. The insurer filed a cassation appeal, which was rejected by the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court. You can review the details that the legal regulation stipulates about the compulsory insurance coverage for injuries suffered by motorcycle trainees here.

Accidents and cases like this one, although not 100 percent preventable, can be prevented. It is important that driving schools have equipment to assist students who encounter difficulties in gaining full control of the motorcycle.

Upbikers, the best option for driving schools

Ideal product for driving schools

Accidents in driving schools such as the one that occurred in Madrid could be recurrent if the necessary measures are not taken. A large volume of modern motorcycle models have a comfortable height for people over 1.75 m tall. And those below this measurement may find it difficult to place both feet on the asphalt when the bike is stopped.

For this segment of bikers there are Upbikers, a product developed in Valencia, Spain, that adds 4 centimeters of length to the toe, facilitating contact with the ground and, therefore, adding more control and balance.

Upbikers are versatile because, in addition to adapting to any foot size, they can be used with virtually all models of sneakers, shoes or boots. Also, the sole is designed in such a way that you can move the brake and shift pedals as if you were not wearing them.

Driving schools, this is your ideal equipment! Offer your students the Upbikers option, no matter if you are outside Spain or the European Union, Upbikers ships worldwide.

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