They talk about Upbikers on the radio. COPE interview to Angel Amutio

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A few days ago, one of the company’s partners, Angel Amutio, was interviewed on the program “Luz de Cruces” on the popular Spanish radio station COPE.ngel Amutio has been interviewed in the program “Luz de Cruces” of the popular Spanish radio station COPE.

If you want to listen to it you can find it here, here is a summary of the main points that have been discussed.

Maria José Alonso, from the Plataforma Motera para la Seguridad Vial, explained that she used the Upbikers to ride a bike that is quite tall for her, which she affectionately calls “short”.

She was surprised by the invention Made in Spain (from the Valencian Community, to be more precise) that guarantees 4 cm more leg length. He also spoke with Angel Amutio, together with the program presenters, including Vicente Herranz, about the advantages of the product.

Angel explains in the COPE interview how the idea of the Upbikers was born.

Angel explained how the product was born. It was a short friend who had trouble reaching the ground when he rode his bike to give him the idea and Angel contacted a friend who was a manufacturer of anatomical and orthopedic shoes with whom he would start the development project of the Upbikers.

Maria José, who has tested them, highlights the good quality of the material, which is light, washable and resistant to friction, and the hole in the sole that allows the same sensitivity that one would have without wearing them when moving the shift and brake levers.

Even Emilio Zamora, from the Ducati Stunt Team, who is not particularly tall, tried them out and was delighted with them.

Upbikers: an international success


Angel also told the speakers how Upbikers is successfully selling in 23 countries and how he was surprised to see orders coming in from Finland or even from Ushuaia, Argentina, one of the southernmost places in the world.

The cost of the product is very competitive and unbeatable. Especially when compared to any other solution for getting your feet on the ground when maneuvering a motorcycle. The alternatives, in fact, require structural changes to the bike and this, apart from being expensive, has some risks in relation to safety.

Users who have bought and used Upbikers rate them very highly. 80% of them, from any country in the world, rate the product with 5 stars out of 5.

The current price of the Upbikers is only 74.90€ and with a current promotion of free shipping to Spain, are you going to lose it? Buy your Upbikers here, it comes with a plastic bag to store them when you get off the bike.

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