Trail bikes for short people

BMW Low Trail Motorbike

Well, no, Trail bike manufacturers don’t think about those of us who are short or not so tall. They forget us when they design them, and nevertheless, there are many of us who are crazy about having a Trail.

The Trail with the lowest seat on the market is the BMW F 750 GS, at 770 mm. From now on it’s over, unless you are 1.80 m tall, forget about reaching the ground with a minimum of comfort and safety. And with the Honda CB500X with its 850 mm of height, the short rider has a hard time reaching the ground with the bike.

No matter the brand: Everyone makes the bikes tall.

No matter the brand or model, be it BMW, YAMAHA, KTM or whatever you want, the seat height of the best-selling Trail bikes always limits the short rider. The big brands don’t seem to want the largest market segment out there to ride motorcycles. It’s their loss. But now you don’t have to miss out on the adventure.

The best solution has arrived, tall bike? No problem

So you won’t envy the adventures of the tall ones, we’ve designed
so you can enjoy your dream bike to the fullest and buy the one you like the most, even if it’s tall.

is the perfect solution for short bikers with a desire to ride a Trail bike with a saddle height of up to 830 mm.
allows you to reduce this distance to the ground by up to 4 cm, which allows you to rest much better on the ground, and even if you are between 1.70 m tall you could reach the ground with the KTM Adventure 790 or with the Yamaha Ténéré 700.


Regardless of your height, motorcycles are bought with your heart, and it doesn’t matter if you are short, your dream is to be able to ride that bike you love so much. For this reason, the
are enabling many bikers to achieve their dream and ride motorcycles on which they would not normally be able to get their feet on the ground. Before you say I can’t because I can’t reach the ground on my bike, try some UPBIKERS®.


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