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Some time ago, we talked about Andrea Scaramuzza, known as “Andrea Fast,” who tested the Upbikers for us and changed his initial opinion and doubts. Today, we want to delve into the work of this content creator passionate about motorcycling, proudly claiming to be part of the two-wheeler world for over 30 years, both out of passion and for work.

First, here’s his translated bio:

“An Italian digital content creator and adventurer living in Catalonia, Spain.

If you’re a company or a public brand related to the world of two-wheelers, we can collaborate together to effectively communicate with your audience through images and videos on social media and other platforms.

Furthermore, if you want to pedal through the beautiful Catalonia and its surroundings or take a tailor-made adventurous riding course from basic to advanced to suit your needs… don’t hesitate to contact me!

Instagram: fastsky
Tiktok: fastskycc
Facebook: AndreaFast”

You can find his YouTube channel here, where he shares content that can be about off-road trips and adventures or reviews of motorcycle models.

In some short-format videos, he also provides advice for motorcyclists or talks about useful accessories for those passionate about two-wheelers.

We invite you to follow him and watch his content!

Here is an image of Andrea Fast with Upbikers.

Andrea Fast and Upbikers
Among the positive points that this motorcycle expert found in our product are:

The comfort of wearing them
The fact that it’s possible to walk short distances without having to take them off
The versatility—they are suitable for any type of shoe or boot, ranging from sizes 36 to 43
The foot support is guaranteed on both asphalt and dirt roads (although Upbikers are more suitable for urban use, where braking and starting maneuvers are more frequent).
According to Andrea Fast, Upbikers have three target audiences:

Inexperienced riders who seek greater maneuvering safety while learning to ride a motorcycle.
People who have been riding for some time but are short and would like those extra 4 cm to reach the ground better.
Individuals with a certain level of confidence and experience in riding, but who seek greater safety when carrying packages or a passenger, which increases the weight to handle.
We invite you to watch Andrea Fast’s video to hear his firsthand experience. If you want to purchase Upbikers, you can find them here.

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