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Desdemona Ile is a Turkish girl who describes herself as a “video creator” on her Instagram profile. Simply follow her to see carefully crafted photos and videos of her daily life or her travels around the world. Passionate about motorcycles (and large vehicle models), she recently talked about the Upbikers and let’s find out what she appreciated about our product.

Where can you find her to follow her travels and adventures? On Instagram and YouTube.

Instagram: desdemmona
YouTube: desdemmona

Desdemmona Ile and Upbikers

Desdemmona reviewed our Upbikers, explaining how they helped her feel safer while riding her motorcycle by providing better grip on the ground. Below, we present her Instagram reel and a translation of the associated text.
desdemmona upbikers

Good news 🙂 UPBIKERS, a product that will be very useful, especially in the process of getting used to high-saddle motorcycles as it extends the legs by 4 cm! 🤗 The distinctive feature is that it can be worn over shoes/boots.
The motorcycle I use is a Honda CB250r, and the seat is much higher compared to other models in its category. I had it lowered by 3 cm because I had difficulty stopping. However, if the motorcycle was on slightly inclined terrain, when I had to push it backward, I would get off the motorcycle and pull it with my arms or turn the motorcycle where it was. Today, I found myself in the same situation, and I didn’t need to get off the vehicle. 😎
There are spaces under the sole for the brake and gear pedals, and it is very easy to get used to.
For all other details, you can find out more and order from the website My special followers also have a €5 discount code: ‘desdemmona’ 🤩 @upbikers
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If you want to watch her complete reel, you can find it at this link. You will see the unboxing and also a comparison of how her feet reach the ground when Desdemmona is riding the motorcycle with and without wearing the Upbikers.
Lastly, to purchase Upbikers or read reviews from those who have already tried them, visit our website.

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