How to reduce the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900RS 50th anniversary edition


It’s no secret that we love Kawasaki. It could be because of the fierce and sporty appearance of most models from this brand. Or perhaps it’s due to the reliability of its vehicles and their continuous innovations. The truth is, we enjoy giving you the best advice (we recently included one in a post on this blog) and today is no exception. And if you’re worried that this naked bike might be too big for you, today we’ll explain how to lower the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900RS in its 50th-anniversary edition.

Technical Specifications of the Kawasaki Z900RS

The Kawasaki Z900RS 50th Anniversary lives up to the expectations that any fan of the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer could have. It has a more classic aesthetic compared to its traditional design (the Z900RS), with the distinctive color scheme that commemorates the half-century existence of this naked bike. Like some other models in this category, it features a neo-retro design with details that hint at it becoming a collector’s motorcycle.
It has a “Fireball” design: caramel colors on the tank and bodywork layered for a deep and dazzling texture. And this contrasts with the glossy black finish of the frame and the specially upholstered leather seat, with a different texture and stitches in a different color. Other standout details include the “Z 50 Anniversary” logo, the DOCH emblem, and the gold-colored wheels.

This beautiful vehicle has a displacement of 948 cc and a water-cooled 4-cylinder engine. Its power output is 111 HP at 8,500 rpm, and it has an electric starter system with B&C ignition (TCBI Electric with Digital Advance). Completing the technical specifications are a weight of 215 kg and a seat height of 835 mm.

How to Lower the Seat Height of the Kawasaki Z900RS

If you’re a short rider or measure less than 1.70 m, you’ll definitely be interested in knowing how to reduce the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900RS 50th Anniversary. When a motorcycle is too tall for you, it can happen that you can’t firmly plant both feet on the ground. In such a case, starting the vehicle can be difficult because it’ll be challenging to maintain balance. A loss of balance or control can lead to an accident.
There are alternatives to reduce the seat height or the overall height of the motorcycle by a few centimeters, but practically all of them involve modifying the original design or the geometry of the vehicle. In another one of our reviews of a Kawasaki motorcycle, we go into more detail about what can be done and how much each alternative costs, but believe us, they’re not cheap.

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