Best motorcycle routes on the road this spring


Spring is here and with it the weather is improving and invites you to go on an adventure. And, of course, we have the best motorcycle road routes to travel this season. Whether they are options to beat personal distance records or to enjoy spectacular scenery, our recommendations are designed for bikers to enjoy and ride safely.

So, now that we are seeing less and less rainy days and more sunny days, get your gear, bike and attitude ready. It is important that, before setting out, you study the route well and have the necessary accessories and elements for any mishap that may arise during the trip.

It never hurts to remember that quite a few unforeseen events can occur on a road trip: a flat tire or an inclement stretch of road, to name a few examples.

Now, let’s get to know which are the best motorcycle road routes to travel during this season of the year.

Best motorcycle road routes: the longest one

The N-340 is the longest road in Spain. It has its kilometer 0 at the junction with the old N-IV -now A-4-, in Puerto Real, Cadiz and reaches the Catalan tourist spot of Plaça Espanya, in Barcelona. It completes a total of 1,200 kilometers, crossing 10 provinces, four autonomous communities and almost a hundred and a half villages.

It is a multi-day route in which the route must be checked with great care and dedication. In addition, you should plan the places where you will stop to rest and book hostels or hotels to spend the night. A drive along the N-340 will take you through Almeria, Alcoy, Valencia and the spectacular suspension bridge over the Ebro River, in the town of Amposta (Catalonia).

A route definitely for veteran bikers with previous experience in long rides.

Best off-road motorcycle routes: the Trans-Pyrenees off-road

As stated in the title: it’s an off-road route! It is one of the most popular among trail bike enthusiasts in Spain as it runs through the Pyrenees on challenging trails with spectacular panoramic views.

It starts in Irun, Basque Country, and may end at a point between Andorra and Catalonia. It takes between four and five days to cover it in its entirety and it is advisable to avoid winter because of the complicated snowy roads. However, keep an eye on the occupancy of hotels along the route during the summer, it is a good indicator of how many people will be walking in the bush (which means you will have to walk more carefully).

Highly recommended for groups of bikers with previous off-road experience.

Best motorcycle routes by road: the curvilinear road of Alicante

It is a very complete option because, in addition to the interesting challenge of the curvy roads of Alicante, there are beautiful natural landscapes and many delicious gastronomic options. Part of the Costa Blanca up to the Font Roja Natural Park, in Alcoy.

Also known as

“La Ruta de las 1.000 curvas” (The Route of the 1.000 curves).

It is special for every adventurous biker and a hidden treasure but very frequented by motorcycling enthusiasts in Alicante.

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