Find out how to get on the ground better on the Ducati DesertX 2022


This goes out to the hunters of rough roads and trails: we’ll review and tell you how to get to the ground better on the Ducati DesertX 2022. The well-known Italian brand launches for the first time a model for the adventurous public: a definitive mid-displacement trail bike that will make you feel like you’re in the Dakar rally. In fact, it is inspired by these popular raids but with an updated design.

So, bikers with a taste for gravel, sand and challenging hillsides, take note: here are a couple of details to help you squeeze all the juice out of the Ducati DesertX 2022 and, above all, to ride in complete safety.

Features of the Ducati DesertX 2022


Qualified as a “true dakarian”, this motorcycle with 21″ and 18″ wheels has a high level of cycle equipment. Its mid-displacement delivers truly extreme off-road capabilities , making it perfect for gravel, desert sand and mountain trails.

It has a reliable 973 cc twin-cylinder engine that will surprise many Ducati fans, as it is a completely new model in the brand’s catalog. Its steel trellis frame and KYB long-travel suspension with specific settings will prepare you for virtually any terrain.

And what would an off-road bike be without an ad-hoc “shoe”: it has tubeless wheels with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires. Brembo brakes with Brembo M50 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, axial pump with adjustable levers and 320 mm dual discs with aluminum hubs at the front are added.

And, as if all of the above weren’t enough, it has a fuel storage capacity so you can jump right into the adventure. Its 21-liter fuel tank allows you to add an optional 8-liter supplement, adding many kilometers to your travel plans.

The technical data sheet closes its weight at 202 kg, power of 10 hp and has a market price of 16.290€.

How to reach the ground better on the Ducati DesertX 2022?

Did we forget to mention something? Of course, the seat height: 875 mm, a measurement that can be difficult for drivers of short stature. A motorcycle seat that is too high can prevent the rider from firmly touching the ground with both feet. When this happens, you can easily lose your balance, increasing the risk of accidents or falls.

There are alternatives to better reach the ground on the Ducati DesertX 2022. One of them is to buy the reduced seat that the brand itself offers, although it implies a considerable extra investment (almost 240€). There are other techniques that we have already

we have already talked about in another post

although with their degree of difficulty and danger.

The solution for better ground clearance on the Ducati DesertX 2022


If you don’t want to complicate your life too much or make expensive modifications in order to better reach the ground on the Ducati DesertX 2022, Upbikers is the solution.

A 100% Made in Spain accessory that easily attaches to your feet, it adds 4 centimeters of extension to your limbs, helping you reach the ground (or gravel!). It is versatile and made of durable material.

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