Lowering the height of the Ducati Scrambler 800

bajar altura ducati scrumbler 800

You don’t have to be a fashion hipster to enjoy the Scrambler, its qualities shine without the need for a lot of marketing. Still, you may have wondered if the height of the Ducati Scrambler 800 can be lowered.

This bike is easy to handle, lightweight and the attention paid to every detail is impressive. More experienced bikers might kick out a little more power and noise, but everyone else will love it.

Before we explain what you can do to get this Ducati down low, let’s take a look at the features:

 Technical Sheet
 Length 2.100 mm
 Width 845 mm
 Weight 189 Kg
 Height Ducati Scrambler 800 798 mm

Lowering the height of the Ducati Scrambler 800 Is it possible?

The seat of this model of motorcycle is not one of the highest as it is 798 mm from the ground. Still, if you are short in stature, you may want to lower the whole bike even further.

How can you do that? Here we give you three options:

Ducati Scrambler 800 Lowering Kit

Do you know the kits to lower the height of a motorcycle? These are connecting rods that allow you to anchor the rear suspension at a different point than the default and make the bike lower its height.

We have researched online and found websites that sell specific kits for Ducati motorcycles. We can not assure you that they also fit the Scrambler 800, but the price is around 100€. You can contact a mechanic to find out the exact price and how much it would cost to have them installed.

Lowered seat for the Ducati Scrambler 800

Another alternative to lower the height of the Ducati Scrambler 800 is to replace the driver’s seat with one that has less foam and, being lower, allows you to reach with your feet on the ground.

Online we have found discounted seats for this model of motorcycle at a price of around 180 €.

It is an option but, remember that the foam is designed to absorb shocks and protect your back, especially if you are going to make long trips or on bumpy roads and curves.

Risks of lowering the ride height of the Ducati Scrambler 800

Even if it is only a matter of changing one part, it must be taken into account that doing so will change the entire geometry of the bike. This has consequences for the balance that the developers and experts have designed to ensure that the bike performs at its best, is easy to ride and at the same time safe.

In some cases, you can try changing other parts of the bike to balance the gearing, but when it comes to riding, the bike may not respond as it should.

So how do you lower the ride height of the Ducati Scrambler 800? We have an ideal solution that instead of lowering the bike will make you gain height.

Upbikers: gain height and ride safely

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The Upbikers are a kind of elevator that is easily placed on the toe of your shoes and allows you to gain 4 cm on both legs. A plus point of this product is that the soles have a recess so that you can move the pedals of the bike easily, as you would do without the Upbikers.

A few years ago we developed the ideal and economically very affordable product for short bikers who do not want to give up riding and maneuvering tall bikes.

Do you want to buy them to ride a Ducati Scrambler 800? You can find them in our online store! Take advantage of the current offer and receive them free of shipping costs throughout Spain.

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