Honda Africa Twin: lower the seat height

honda africa twin bajar altura

You falled in love with the Honda Africa Twin but you’re not very tall and you’re wondering: can I lower the seat height? Well, today we’re talking about just that and we’re proposing an interesting alternative.

For more than 20 years, this trail bike has been considered the most reliable means ever built (not only by Honda and that is one of the most Best Seller models of the brand).

First of all, let’s see in detail some characteristics of this bike.

Technical data

Longitud 2.335 mm
Anchura 875 mm
Peso 875 mm
Altura asiento Honda Africa Twin 850/870 mm (opción asiento bajo 825 mm, opción asiento alto 895 mm)

Honda Africa Twin: lowering the height – is it possible?

First of all, keep in mind that when you buy it you can ask for the seat to be installed at its lowest option: 825 mm. You may still want it to be even lower.

To lower the height of a bike like this there are many solutions: you can replace the seat with a thinner one or look for a kit to lower the overall height.

What are the options for this Honda model?

Honda Africa Twin lowering kit

Do you know the kits to lower the height of a motorcycle? These are connecting rods that allow the rear suspension to be anchored at a different point than the default and make the bike lower its height.

We researched online and found websites that sell kits of this type specifically for the Honda Africa Twin. The cost of the part is almost 300 € and allows to gain 4 cm of height.

Seat for Honda Africa Twin lowered

Another possible alternative to lower the height of the Honda Africa Twin is to change the driver’s seat with one that has less foam and being lower allows the driver to reach the ground.

Online we have found discounted seats for this model of motorcycle at a price of around 170 €.

It is an option but remember that the foam cushions the blows and does a favor to your back, especially if you are going to make long trips or on bumpy roads and curves.

Risks of lowering the height of this bike

Even if it is only a matter of changing one part, you have to consider that doing so will change the entire geometry of the bike. This has consequences on a balance that engineers and experts have designed to ensure that the bike performs at its best, is easy to ride and at the same time safe.

In some cases you can try to change other parts of the bike to balance the gearing but keep in mind that you will be making a lot of changes and when it comes to riding the bike the bike may not respond as it should.

So how do you lower the Honda Africa Twin if it’s still too tall? We have an ideal solution.

Upbikers: gain height and ride with confidence.

rebajar asiento de moto


A few years ago we developed the ideal and economically affordable product for those who are not too tall but do not want to give up riding and maneuvering tall bikes.

The Upbikers are a kind of toe lift that gives you 4 cm where you need them most: at the tip of your toes. They are one size fits all and can be worn with any type of shoe or boot.

In addition, you don’t need to remove them for short walking tours and the shape of the sole means that they are not a hindrance when moving the gear or brake pedals.

Do you dare to buy them to ride a Honda Africa Twin? You can find them in our online store and with an interesting discount!

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