Seat height Kawasaki Z900 Can it be lowered?

altura asiento Kawasaki Z900

Would you like to buy what many define as the “green bestseller” that in recent years has been renewed in appearance and electronics? It is understandable because it is a real gem. But if you are not very tall you might be wondering: can the seat height of the Kawasaki Z900 be lowered?

For Kawasaki this bike is a symbol, a piece of history, a way of life. The letter “Z” is the first letter that comes to mind when you think of green bikes, and the Z900 is today’s quintessential green bike. It is the best-selling Kawasaki.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this bike.

Technical specs

Longitud 2.070 mm
Anchura 825 mm
Peso 212 Kg
Altura asiento Kawasaki Z900 820 mm

Kawasaki Z900 seat: how to lower it?

You have different options to lower the seat of a motorcycle and comfortably reach the ground with your feet. Let’s see some of them for this model of motorcycle.

Lowered seat Kawasaki Z900

The first option is to change the saddle of the bike with one that has less foam. You will gain a few centimeters and your butt will suffer, ha, ha

For this solution you have two options: either buy a lowered saddle and install it yourself (or ask a mechanic to do it) or contact an upholsterer to reduce the thickness of the foam of the factory saddle and then reupholster it.

Kawasaki Z900 height lowering kit

The kits to lower the height of the bike consist of connecting rods (the part on which supports the rear shock) that make the rear suspension lower when changing its anchor point.

In the case of this bike with a kit of this type are achieved gain 3 cm.

There are several types depending on the model of the bike and you can find them online for 110 €.  In this case it is likely that you will need a mechanic to install it.

Risks of lowering the height of the Kawasaki Z900

Remember that when changing the geometry of the bike the whole balance of its parts is affected. The way the motorcycle operates may change from the way it was designed by the developer.

Other parts of the bike would have to be modified to ensure safe operation, and even then it would not be the same model that left the factory and was designed to operate in a particular way.

The first option we have talked about, lowering the seat foam, might seem a less risky alternative, but remember that the foam is designed to absorb shocks. It is better to protect your back and your butt, especially if you are going on long trips or bumpy rides.

Is there an alternative to gain height and touch the ground with your feet without modifying the bike’s structure? Of course there is!

Upbikers: gain height and ride in total safety

The Upbikers are a revolutionary product designed for people who want to feel safe when maneuvering their heavy and excessively high bike.

You only need to put them on the toe of your boots or shoes and you will gain 4 cm (1.57″) on the toe.

The stopping maneuver will be safer. This is one of the most repeated maneuvers with a motorcycle and that, without sufficient support on the ground, can be a real odyssey and even dangerous if you lose your balance.

The sole of Upbikers is also designed to not interfere with the driving of the bike because you can move the pedals as you have always done, without even noticing that you are wearing them.

What are you waiting for to buy them?

I want to buy my Upbikers

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