The best low seat motorcycles

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The best low seat motorcycles

One of the most important factors when buying a first big and powerful bike is size. That doesn’t refer to engine capacity, power or even weight, but rather to an important factor for handling and this is seat height. This is why today we will look at the best motorcycles with a low seat.

If the seat of a motorcycle is so high that you can’t put both feet on the ground comfortably, probably the riding experience is not safe and you become anxious.

More and more often, manufacturers are lowering the seats on entry-level models, and on all other types of motorcycles, adjustable and custom-designed lower seats are becoming more and more common.

Read on and find our selection of motorcycles with the lowest seats in a variety of categories. Depending on your prefernces, budget and height, you’re sure to find the model that best suits your needs.

Harley Davidson Superlow

The most iconic American motorcycle has a wide range of motorcycles with low seats such as the 883 Hugger. Based on this model the SuperLow  was designed. It is based on the current 883 Sportster but with shorter rear shocks, smaller wheels and a lowered saddle that gives the seat a height of 705 mm (55 mm lower than the 883 Iron).

This model is a Harley in every detail and despite being a slender and easy to handle bike, it is not superlight as other models as it weighs 247 kg. Also the price, as you can imagine, is not the cheapest. In any case, the SuperLow is the most accessible and easy to ride Harley if you are looking for a model for short people.

Triumph Tiger 800 XRx Low

Triumph adds Low to the name for a reason: the brand has detected the demand for Adventure Bikes for short bikers and has targeted them with its Tiger 800 XRx Low, whose seat can be adjusted down to 760 mm. Even in its ‘high’ 780 mm position, it would be a low-seat bike. Want a low-seat adventure bike? This could be the model you’re looking for.


Equipped with an optional low seat, it can be lowered to a height of 765 mm, a very comfortable height for those who want to reach with both feet on the ground. A comparison, it has the same height as the seat of a Honda MSX125, a motorcycle model highly recommended for people of small height.

BMW G 310 GS

This bike has been on the market for a few years now, but since it is based on the excellent G 310 R Roadster and developed by the company that practically invented the entire Adventure Bikes category, it has to be included in this list.  The BMW G 310 GS is BMW’s entry-level GS. It has the same 33 hp engine as the 310R, an inevitably longer suspension and “Adventure” style bodywork that makes it one of the tallest bikes we describe in this article.

That said, no one makes Adventure Bikes better than BMW. It has a seat height of 835 mm, which drops to 820 mm with the low seat option, is light and easy to maneuver.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Kawasaki Ninja 300 has been around since 2012 (and before that as the “Ninja 250”) and is still pretty much the best in the 300 cc sportbike class. At 785 mm, its seat is not particularly low, but it is very narrow and accessible for beginners and shorter riders alike.

What’s more, with a rev-happy 39 hp engine, a sporty chassis and great aesthetics, the Ninja is not only friendly and practical to ride, it’s also fun and beautiful, reasonably priced and affordable.

Upbikers, the alternative to low-seat motorcycles

What if instead of buying a low seat bike you could gain height? Upbikers are an economical and efficient solution to have 4 cm more on both legs and reach the ground more easily.

This kind of lift that is applied to the toe of the shoes (or boots) is put on and taken off in a few seconds, although it is possible to walk short distances with them on.

While other solutions are cumbersome, the sole of the Upbikers has a hole so that moving the bicycle pedals is easy, as you would if you were not wearing them.

Would you like to try them? You can try them in an official store or order them online at a very competitive price. And if you live in Spain, shipping is free.

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