Our naked bike recommendations for short people


If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle with good looks, comfortable handling and an affordable price, we have just the thing for you. If you are not a very tall biker, this publication will be very useful for you: today we will tell you our recommendations of naked motorcycles for short people.

If you are already deeply immersed in the world of motorcycling, you probably already know this, but if you are a first-timer, you may be wondering: what is a naked motorcycle? For practical purposes, it is a motorcycle that carries the engine in the air – that is, as if it were “naked” – and is not covered with a fairing. Generally, its design helps them to have a very comfortable ride, as it has compact dimensions and wide handlebars.

Naked motorcycles for short people

It is, in general, an ideal bike for hybrid use in the city: commuting from home to work or school and the occasional leisurely ride. Many models have a vintage or retro feel to them, which makes them look quite cool.

Without further ado, we share with you our recommendations of naked motorcycles for short people.

Aprilia Tuono 125 2021

The first on our list and the one that carries a little more height than the others: we are talking about the Aprilia Tuono 125 2021, a motorcycle with an engine adapted to Euro 5 regulations, but with improvements in performance, equipment and aesthetics. It has a 124.20 cc single-cylinder engine with four-valve timing and liquid cooling. Its design is modern and suggestive, with an attractive triple headlight with integrated turn signals and LED lighting.

The technical specifications are completed by Bosch ABS brakes with anti-roll for emergency braking, a wider Michelin tire – with 140 section – for better grip and stability. It weighs 144 kg, costs 4,999€ and the seat height is 810 mm.

Macbor Eight Mile 125 2022

Next up is the Macbor Eight Mile 125 2022, a scrambler-style bikewith excellent value for money. The Catalan brand remains faithful to the design of the sixties, providing that retro aesthetic that we had already mentioned above. It has a 125.60 cc single-cylinder engine and cycle part that allows it to move on different types of terrain.

It has brakes on both axles, CBS combined braking and LED lighting. It weighs only 112 kg, its price is around 2.900€ and the height from the floor to the seat is 800 mm.

Brixton Cromwell 125 2022

Watching a Brixton go by almost always leaves that feeling of having had a trip back in time and the Cromwell 125 2022 is no exception. It is one of the most authentically vintage 125 motorcycles on the market. All its components support it: round headlight, natural riding position, spoked rims, 18″ front wheel, flat seat, fork bellows, to name a few.

Its 124.80 cc 4-stroke single-cylinder engine is also Euro 5 compliant and will leave you pleasantly surprised by its low fuel consumption. It weighs 134 kg, has a market price of €1,699 and its seat height is ideal for short people: only 790 mm.

The accessory for you to ride any naked bike if you are short.

Naked motorcycles for short people

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