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In addition to a good review of new models or accessories suitable for the seasons, every biker welcomes with open arms recommendations for urban motorcycle footwear. Let’s face it: sometimes it’s not enough to just wear those sneakers you wear everywhere you go or the shoes you wear to work. Weather conditions, dust, asphalt and sometimes the occasional splash of God-knows-what-liquid require us to wear shoes that are ready for anything.

If you ride a scooter, naked or sport bike that you move from here to there all over town and you want boots that protect you, are comfortable and, at the same time, look good, this blog post will interest you. Don’t forget to check out

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The best shoes for urban motorcycles

If we think of off-road or touring style motorcycling, there is a very wide range of footwear options adapted to the needs of the vehicle and the environment. And just like the users of the aforementioned motorcycles, the urban driver looks for the same in these garments: protection and comfort for the feet. But you’ll also want versatile shoes or boots that allow you to wear them without hassle once the bike is parked. The urban biker wants a pair of boots that will get him to a meeting with his buddies or a date without making him look like he’s coming from MotoGP.

We share with you three recommendations for urban motorcycle footwear.

TCX Street 3 Waterproof Boots

If you wore – or still wear – the classic Vans SK8-Hi sneakers as a teenager, this model will be ideal for you. The TCX Street 3 Waterproof boots have an urban sneaker look but with an undeniable biker spirit.

They feature the technology of the renowned D30 and ZPLATE inserts, which will give you a comfortable and flexible footprint. At the same time, your feet will be protected from impacts, regardless of the impact zone.

In addition, and as the name implies, they are waterproof and extremely lightweight. Its price is around 180€ and they are available in several colors.

John Doe Neo Boots

And if the Street 3 Waterproof had a skater look, the John Doe Neo boots have a much more casual feel. Get ready to get off your bike and go straight to the disco because this urban motorcycle footwear recommendation is really cool.

Comfortable, lightweight yet CE certified footwear, the Neo is a great choice for every stylish biker. You can also purchase them for a price of around 180€.

Merlin Ether Waterproof Boots

And if your style is more like that of a Carhartt-loving lumberjack or plaid wool shirt, the Merlin Ether Waterproof boots will fascinate you. Made with a leather texture with matte finish, they have protection at the ankle and on the sides of the foot.

The material on the inside will keep your feet dry and odor free as it is antibacterial and water repellent. With an average price of 170 euros they can be part of your closet.

For any footwear… Upbikers!

Motorcycle-urban footwear

In motorcycling, as in soccer, the boots do not make the rider, nor will they be an impediment for you to practice this sport. Nor should height be an obstacle if you are a short driver or do not exceed 1.70 meters. With boots, with sneakers or with shoes or any other urban motorcycle footwear, the solution to this is called Upbikers.

These are shims designed and manufactured in Valencia, Spain, which are placed on the tip of your feet over any type of footwear. They add 4 centimeters to your limbs and help you to securely support both feet once you are on the bike. They are easy to put on and take off, sturdy and designed to allow you to use the shifter without hassle.

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