How to reach the ground better on a Benelli TRK 800


There is a motorcycle that is being the object of desire of many drivers and motor enthusiasts in this 2022. We’re talking about the Benelli TRK 800and here we’ll tell you how to get to the ground better if you’re thinking of buying one and don’t consider yourself a very tall biker.

This model is a medium-high displacement trail bike and is bursting onto the market with great force as it offers a touring bike with a great quality-price ratio. We will analyze their characteristics, aesthetics and some tips for safe driving and optimal braking-starting maneuvers.

Features of the Benelli TRK 800 2022

The Benelli TRK 800 model 2022 has gained great popularity in these first months of the year. The Italian brand of the

Pesaro company

has maintained its hallmark with the TRK 800: sobriety and capacity in an affordable vehicle with a lot of personality.

Its design follows the characteristics of other models of the same house with an imposing and attractive appearance. Performance is characterized by good quality both on-road and off-road.

It has a 754 cc in-line twin-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder, giving it agility and power for adventure. It has dual 320 mm semi-floating front disc brakes with four-piston parts and a 260 mm rear disc. In addition, its 19” front wheel and spoked rims prepare it for urban and off-road routes alike.

It weighs 226 kg and its seat, although comfortable, can be a bit high for the short segment of bikers: 834 mm height from the ground to the seat. For reference, in a previous

a previous post

one of our customers tested a Husqvarna Norden 901 (seat height 854 mm) and with a height of 1.70 m he found problems to reach the ground well.

Options for better ground clearance on the Benelli TRK 800

An obvious solution to better reach the ground with the Benelli TRK 800 is to lower the seat height. However, doing this changes the geometry of the bike, which will affect the entire balance of its parts.

There are also kits to lower the height of Benelli motorcycles, as we also explained in this blog post

in this blog post

which consist of connecting rods that make the rear suspension lower by changing the anchor point. The price of this type of kit is around 150€, but you will hardly be able to install it on your own, adding a new expense.

Upbikers: the solution to reach the ground better

Reach better ground Benelli TRK 800

How about choosing a simple, convenient and durable solution like Upbikers? Upbikers are a product that helps bikers reach the ground once on the bike, helping them to maneuver safely.

It is an accessory that is placed on the tip of your feet, over your shoes, adding 4 centimeters to your extremities. They are designed to be put on and taken off quickly and go with any type of sneakers, boots or shoes. They are also designed to allow you to move the bike’s pedals as smoothly as possible.

Choose Upbikers and ride that Benelli TRK 800 now!

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