Upbikers participated in the event organized by UNASCA.


Last Sunday, June 11th, Upbikers participated in the National Driving Schools Council organized by UNASCA. In this article, we will talk about how the event went and show you some photos.


UNASCA is the most representative association at the national level for the categories of Driving Schools and Nautical Schools and for Consulting Companies in the field of transportation. UNASCA promotes and enhances the professional development of its members, represented by over 3,000 registered businesses, as well as their continuous training.

Upbikers at the National Driving Schools Council event

UNASCA invited Upbikers to participate in this year’s event and have a booth that allowed the congress attendees to discover and try the product they have developed.
Driving school students are the perfect candidates to use Upbikers. During the learning phase of motorcycle riding, feeling secure and in control of the vehicle is essential. Therefore, offering students in the learning phase the opportunity to firmly touch the ground while performing maneuvers such as stopping and starting heavy and tall vehicles is crucial.

A good driving school, aware of the possible difficulties in the learning process of riding a motorcycle with a certain displacement, should be able to provide its students with all the means to acquire safe driving skills.

Upbikers are special devices developed in Spain that allow gaining 4 cm for each leg, right at the point where it is most necessary to handle a tall motorcycle, namely the tip of the toes.

Below, we show some photos taken during the event:

unasca upbikers

unasca upbikers

unasca upbikers

unasca upbikers
We would like to thank UNASCA for the invitation and for the opportunity it has given us to introduce Upbikers to professionals involved in the driving school field.

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