Launch of the new BMW R1300 GS

BMW R 1300 GS

New photos of the highly anticipated BMW R 1300 GS 2023 motorcycle have been published. It is the first motorcycle of its kind to feature liquid cooling for its engine. Remember that the current 1250 models only have cylinder heads cooled by this system.

We have already discussed the BMW R 1250 RS in another article on our blog. But let’s take a look at the updates of the model that is about to hit the market.

What has changed in the BMW R 1300 GS?

The initial photos of the prototype reveal modifications to the chassis and bodywork. It seems that changes have been made to the chassis, and the single-arm Paralever swingarm has been revised. The bodywork appears more compact and aggressive.

The new BMW 1300 GS has undoubtedly undergone a “slimming,” which suggests a reduction in vehicle weight compared to the previous model.

It can be assumed that the new GS will be equipped with the latest technologies. It will likely include the new radar system, which can be used, among other things, to implement remote cruise control. It is not clear whether the radar system will come as standard or only be offered as an optional feature.

The new photos show the GS undergoing off-road testing. It can be observed that the 19″ and 17″ alloy wheels are fitted with tires more suitable for off-road use than those that will be provided as standard.

As mentioned, the previous engine was two-thirds air-cooled, but in the future, the 1,300 cc engine will be completely liquid-cooled, which could further enhance the vehicle’s performance.


BMW R 1300 GS

The previous model RS 1250

When will the BMW GS 1300 be released?

The release date of this motorcycle model is still unclear, but we expect it to be a matter of weeks.

Height of the BMW R 1300 GS

We would like to know the height of this new motorcycle model, but we have been unable to find that information online. For now, we can say that the previous model had a height of 820 mm.

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