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We like to say that our products speak for themselves. And it’s not that the Upbikers have a life of their own (pardon the bad joke!), but rather that we strive to ensure that the care taken in their design and

design and manufacturing

and manufacturing are reflected in the final quality. And we could talk a thousand wonders about these shims that help many bikers so that their height is not an impediment to ride any motorcycle. But what is really important, what defines whether a product is reliable or not, is the satisfaction of those who buy and use it. That’s why in this post we have gathered Upbikers’ customer ratings and what they think about our product.

What are Upbikers’ customer ratings?


Before we continue, we would like to thank all of you who have left us a comment and a rating, either good or feedback. Your contribution isinvaluable for us to continue innovating and improving. And because we ship worldwide, we have many diverse customers! Here are six ratings from Upbikers customers in six different languages (with their translation into Spanish, of course).

In Spanish

From the Spanish-speaking world, Jordi C. gave us a five-star rating and commented:

“You don’t notice them when braking or shifting, and they give you the added safety when stopping and maneuvering.” -Jordi C.

In Portuguese

Less than a month ago, Miguel R., from Brazil or Portugal (or, why not, from Angola or Cape Verde) gave us five stars and said:

“Very useful and well designed. I’m only 1.61 m tall and it allowed me to put both feet on the ground, sitting on my Multistrada! I highly recommend it!” -Miguel R.

In Italian

Italian biker Andrea, also giving a 5/5 rating, mentioned:

“Easy to put on and take off. They help in traffic stops, definitely provide safety. The bag is convenient to store them in, especially if they are wet or dirty. With regular shoes they ride much better, but the safety they give is worth the not-so-pretty aesthetics.” -Andrea

In German

As a good German, direct and to the point, Sven D. (or is he a German-speaking Scandinavian customer?), described the Upbikers as follows:

“Great invention and great service with delivery.” -Sven D.

In English

A few days ago, a customer who chose to remain anonymous, left us this nice message:

“Quality materials, feel good on my feet. It will take me a while to get used to using them, but they are already helping me <3.” -Anonymous

In French

Bruno, a French-speaking biker, applauded our speedy delivery and even gave us a hint as to what kind of legs the Upbikers are best suited for:

“Fast delivery. So far I have only been able to test the Upbikers on the road. I’m really looking forward to trying them off road. Recommended for short legs 😉✌️”. -Bruno

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If you still don’t know what Upbikers are, they are shims that fit over the bottom of your shoes and add 4 centimeters of extension to your limbs. This helps motorcycle riders who cannot comfortably place both feet on the ground during stop-start maneuvers. Their versatility allows them to be worn with shoes, sneakers or boots. They are durable and designed to be taken off and put on quickly.

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