What are the best motorcycle accessories to take on the road this summer? Here we tell you


Although we are still a little while away from saying goodbye to spring, there is no shortage of people who are already preparing their summer vacations. And if with our review of the fantastic tourer

Honda NT1100

made you want to go on an adventure, today we tell you which are the best motorcycle accessories to go out on the road this summer.

So you’d better start preparing your route (you can check some of the routes we have published here


) that we will tell you the tips on gadgets and accessories.

Best motorcycle accessories for road use

We have a couple of shopping recommendations to make your trip more comfortable and, above all, safer.

The road is that place where every biker can feel infinite, but you should never be too cautious. Remember to drive safely at all times.

Givi ST602B Tanklock Tank Bag


Many motorcycles already include panniers or saddlebags from the factory, but a great addition for road trips will be a tank bag. It will allow you to keep personal items such as your cell phone, wallet and external battery within easy reach. And it never hurts to be able to easily grab some extra clothes in case it rains or gets a little windy; a snack and/or water; and – something that quite a few drivers omit from their trip planning – a first aid kit.

Our recommendation is the Givi ST602B Tanklock, a thermoformed bag, resistant and with a cover to protect your belongings from the rain. It has a capacity of 4 liters and has the fastening of the Italian brand Tanklock.

Alpinestars Cooling Vest


When we think of fighting the weather on a road trip, rain or a drop in temperature may be the first thing that comes to mind. But, remember, it’s almost summer and the sun will be beating down!

For those occasions of extreme heat, in addition to the protective cream alone, we recommend the Alpinestars Cooling Vest. It is filled with water and placed underneath the perforated jackets so that air circulation reduces the thermal sensation.

Garmin Zumo XT GPS


A common mistake made by novice bikers is to rely too much on the cell phone, either for emergency calls or to access geolocation functions. But, if the battery runs out or you enter an area of low or poor network coverage, you can get stranded or travel in the wrong direction.

To avoid the above, we recommend the reliable Garmin GPS. The Zumo XT is a rugged navigator designed precisely for adventure, withstanding adverse weather conditions and featuring pre-installed topographic maps of Europe. Allows you to manage routes and points of interest from your phone or computer.

The best motorcycle accessory to go out on the road


Are you thinking of traveling in one of those large tourers and you are a bit wary because you have trouble keeping your balance? Your best motorcycle accessory to go out on the road this summer is called Upbikers.

It is a shim designed and manufactured in Spain that is placed on the tip of your feet, adding 4 centimeters of extension to your extremities. It is the perfect solution for those short bikers who have difficulty standing with both feet on the ground. Failure to do so may result in a fall or loss of balance during start-brake maneuvers.

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