Upbikers will follow #E-MotoTravel, Alicia Sornosa’s adventure And you?


“Travel is a drug for the soul”, this is the motto of Alicia Sornosa, the first Spanish-speaking woman to travel around the world on a motorcycle. His adventure began in 2011 and since then he has not let go of his passion for motorcycles.

Now that the travel restrictions that have been so limiting until recently due to the pandemic are finally beginning to loosen, Alicia is ready for a new adventure.

You will leave Madrid with the aim of reaching Switzerland avoiding highways and visiting during one week the most important places in the area such as the Furka, San Gottardo Pass along the Via Tremola (the ancient Roman road), Verzasca, Lugano, San Bernardino Pass, Via Mala-Splügen, Engadin, Albula Pass, Andermatt-Flüelen.

Alicia is not going to travel with just any motorcycle, she and her partner will travel 3,000 km on a Zero electric motorcycle to show everyone that electric mobility is already a reality and that it can be enjoyed both in the city and on a trip through Europe.

It will be a #Slow-eTrip, a slow journey enjoying incredible mountain landscapes.

In fact, this adventure will serve to demonstrate how it is possible to navigate between charging points and travel in a sustainable way without compromising safety and fun.

alicia sornosa

In addition, this adventure in the Swiss Alps comes with a social objective like many of Alice’s trips. In this case, funds will be raised for Cris Contra el Cáncer, a foundation that researches various types of cancer. The specific goal of the #E-MotoTravel tour is to raise funds for prostate cancer research.

At the end of the trip Alicia will raffle, among all the people who have made a donation to the Foundation, prizes such as hotel nights, helmets and many more surprises that you will discover if you follow Alicia in networks or in her blog.

Alicia, a few months ago, tested the Upbikers and recorded a video talking about her riding experience with them. Used them with a pair of shoes mounted on a Scramble 1100. If you are curious to see her video review click here and you will find it on our blog.


From Upbikers we can’t wait for this biker and her partner to leave Madrid to follow this trip that promises to give us very interesting photos and videos.

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