Lowering the motorcycle seat for better ground clearance

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Does your height not allow you to reach the ground comfortably when you ride your motorcycle?

First of all, don’t worry, you won’t be the first person to have this problem and in fact, different alternatives have already been developed to solve it, ensuring that you can ride your motorcycle comfortably and feel safe.

In this article we have already talked about different alternatives to lower the seat of the motorcycle, today we analyze in more detail the option of modifying it by reducing its thickness.

You can imagine what the process is about, can’t you? Most motorcycle seats are made of foam, a material that is fairly easy to mold, even with homemade tools. The trick is to modify the shape so that by decreasing the thickness it is easier to reach with your feet on the ground.

To get an idea of the process you can watch this video:

On the internet you will find many tutorials like this one to do it yourself but if you do not consider yourself a handyman and want to avoid a “botched” result better ask for help to an upholsterer who with his experience and the tools of the trade will guarantee a functional and aesthetically fine result.

Before choosing this option, consider its pros and cons.

Lowering the seat of the motorcycle: Pros

It is an easy solution that is easy to implementIf you feel up to it and have the skills, you can do it yourself. In this way you should not have to spend a lot of money although it is not one of the cheapest solutions (think of the materials and tools you will have to buy and the time you will have to invest…).

The cost of an upholsterer’s service depends on many factors, the type of seat, the professional’s rates, etc. It is better to ask for an estimate to the upholsterers in your city to get an accurate idea. (Note, not all upholsterers offer this service, you may have to contact several).

Another point in favor of this solution is that you do not modify the geometry or the dynamics of the motorcycle since you are not going to touch structural elements such as connecting rods or suspensions.

Lowering the motorcycle seat: Cons

It is important that you are clear about the disadvantages of this solution.

The seats are made of foam to ensure the best comfort when sitting on your motorcycle, especially if you are going on long trips. Reducing the thickness can cause the seat becomes harder and you may even cause yourself injuries injuries from bumps or from sitting for long hours on a seat that is not well cushioned.

Depending on the width of the seat this modification may not have great results and you may only gain a couple of centimeters. gain only a couple of centimeters. If you need a solution that allows you to lower the bike a little more, you risk that it will not be enough and that you will have brought a change to your bike that is not effective as you had hoped.

Upbikers, the most convenient alternative

Instead of changing your bike to lower it, why not gain height with Upbikers?

Upbikers is the revolutionary product that, when applied to your shoes (of any model), allows you to gain 4 centimeters in the toe, the area that needs more stability to move the bike or scooter safely.

What are the advantages of Upbikers compared to the foam seat lowering option?

motorcycle lifts

With Upbikers:

  • You do not lose the comfort of the seat as the thickness of the foam is not reduced,
  • You gain more than double the height (4 cm and not just 1-2 cm that you can achieve by reducing the seat height),
  • You can change your bike and not worry about the seat of the new bike because you can use your Upbikers whenever you want,
  • You spend about half as much.

If you want to know how much the Upbikers cost (by the way, they are in one size so they will be perfect for you as for anyone else who needs to gain a few centimeters to ride a bike) visit our store and take advantage of the exclusive discount on our website.

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