What do they say about us in Italy?


From this month onwards, we want to share with you some customer reviews who have purchased Upbikers and have left their opinions on the Customer Reviews website “cusrev.com“.

Let’s see 5 reviews from satisfied italian customers who, in some cases, have provided feedback on potential small modifications that could improve the product.

Upbikers increase the sense of safety for shorter people during motorcycle stops. The only downside is that since I ride a scooter, I would have preferred my Upbikers to be without the indentation that favors traditional motorcyclists in the use of gear and brake levers.

Salvatore Flore

Indeed, Upbikers are equipped with an indentation designed to maneuver the gear and brake pedals on larger-displacement motorcycles.


It is certainly a valid alternative to suspension to change the height of the bike. It makes it easier for the soles of your shoes to make contact with the asphalt. This provides greater stability for the vehicle and a psychological sense of mastery, even with taller motorcycles. It is important to remove the Upbikers once you dismount from the bike to allow for a more stable walk.

Massimo Lo Curzio

Modifying the structure of the bike by lowering the suspension is a valid alternative to reduce the height of a motorcycle, but it does have consequences on the vehicle’s stability. It’s better to increase your own height rather than lower that of the motorcycle.

I have always been a fan of the BMW 1200 GS, but my height did not allow me to ride it with confidence, so I always gave up on buying it. Finally, I discovered Upbikers, and honestly, I bought them to try them out even though I wasn’t sure of the result. I was so satisfied that I finally purchased my GS. I highly recommend the product, firstly because it is effective, and secondly because the company is very reliable. The shipping is extremely fast, and inside the package, there is a bag to store them when you dismount from the bike before putting them in the top case. I hope that others like me, who are of different heights, can benefit from this product.

Antonio C.

As Antonio mentioned, Upbikers come with a convenient canvas bag to store or transport them when not wearing them.

Good evening, gentlemen. I purchased the product 2 weeks ago, and I must say that it helps me a lot when I stop, as promised in your advertisement. I am really happy and thank you. Have a good evening. Savino Brandi

The stopping and restarting maneuvers are the most delicate when riding a motorcycle, and it is essential to have both feet touch the ground.

Excellent product for those like me who are not too tall. I have a Triumph Street Triple, and I used to only touch the ground with the tips of my toes. Now it’s much better. Highly recommended product. One suggestion I can give to the seller is to extend the Velcro by 3 or 4 cm. Sebastiano G.

Upbikers close with a convenient Velcro to securely fasten them to any type of shoe or boot. Their shape and structure make them universal for any type of footwear.

We hope that the Italian reviews this month will be helpful in convincing you to purchase Upbikers. Here is the link to buy them.

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