Upbikers® can now be used in driving schools belonging to the Union Profesional de Autoescuelas de Valencia.

The PROFESSIONAL UNION OF DRIVING SCHOOLS OF VALENCIAwhich groups more than 150 driving schools in the province of Valencia, and which provide training for the A1 and A2 motorcycle licenses, have Upbikers units at their disposal, so that students who need them can practice both in open and closed circuits.

UNION PROFESIONAL DE AUTOESCUELAS has been testing the UPBIKERS for several weeks with totally satisfactory results to the point that some of their students have already managed to pass the exam without the usual problems of balance and stability that usually have those who do not reach the ground comfortably.

The Upbikers have been created with the sole purpose of offering the rider better stability when stopping and starting the bike, which allows for greater safety both in conditions with little support of the feet on the ground. In addition, the patent-pending system (Pat. Pending No. 2020070761) allows for convenient operation of the shift lever and brake.

If you are going to get your A1 or A2 motorcycle license and you have doubts about whether you will reach the ground, do not hesitate to go to one of the driving schools of the Union and do all your practices with the Upbikers at no cost.

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