Cold and rain? We recommend the best motorcycle boots for this winter!

Although summer officially ended about a month ago, in many parts of the country it is already getting colder and colder. And in addition to taking the jackets out of the closet, there is one very important aspect to keep in mind during inclement days: footwear. Those rainy days (and why not think about some parts of the north, with some wink of snow) during the winter can take their toll if you are not well equipped to tread safely. That’s why we have a couple of recommendations for the best motorcycle boots for this change of season.
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The best motorcycle boots

Good motorcycle boots have to combine several aspects related to protection and aesthetics. Ideally, they should be resistant and insulating to protect the feet from cold and water. At the same time, to have materials with the necessary hardness to protect against possible falls or blows. And, undoubtedly, to have a very good grip on any type of soil and condition (dry or rainy). And last but not least, they should look cool enough to take anywhere.

Aether Moto Boot

One of the most beautiful options of our selection. The Aether looks like it was meant to be worn with some pretty formal attire or not to get dirty at all. But the reality is that they are built for the biker’s rough use. They have an Italian-made leather upper that, combined with a midsole designed to allow the foot to have enough flexibility, gives them a comfortable and comfortable walk. There are two aspects of the Aether that stand out in terms of safety: the D30 protection at the ankle to absorb possible impacts and the soles, which, in addition to being designed for intelligent grip, are replaceable.

REV’IT! Ginza 3 Shoes

Other boots that are gorgeous, especially because they don’t have that 100 percent biker shoe feel and can be worn for a formal occasion. The REV’IT! Ginza are made of a material that protects the heel from possible twisting in the event of a sudden movement or fall. They are also reinforced on virtually all sides to withstand shocks from any angle.

TCX Dartwood WP Shoe

Boots that are definitive for rainy days. Although they may look like classic Vans SK8-Hi shoes, the TCX Dartwood is completely waterproof. Like the Aether, they feature a D30 ankle protector and flexible material that allows for smooth walking, but remains rigid and resistant in the event of an impact.

No matter which motorcycle boots you choose, Upbikers is the solution.

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