Looking to reduce the seat height of Kawasaki W800? Here’s how

Motorcycles with vintage aesthetics have that “something” that we love. It may be that it takes us back to the classic motorcycle era or that fusion of tradition and technology that makes them irresistible to many motorcycle enthusiasts. Among all the brands with models in this category, Kawasaki year after year launches very good examples to the market. Today we will review a classic of the Japanese firm that dazzles at first sight: the W800. But if you’re a short rider and you’re worried about being a little “tall” today we’ll tell you how to reduce the seat height of the Kawasaki W800.

Kawasaki W800 technical specifications

The Kawasaki W800 is considered by many to be one of the most authentic classic motorcycles one can buy today. Inspired by the 1965 W1 model, the W800 2023 has a choice between Metallic Slate Blue and Metallic Diablo Black (we love both!).
It has a 773 cc air-cooled twin-cylinder engine with a conical transmission system, as well as electronic fuel injection and double-throttle valves. It has easy handling thanks to its power-assisted clutch and you will find its seat quite comfortable as it is well padded and well cushioned. Its instrumentation also has a vintage spirit with the classic double dial.
Its power of 48 hp allows to drive it with A2 license and you can buy it for 11.099€. The 226 kg weight and a seat height of 790 mm complete the technical data sheet.

How to reduce Kawasaki W800 seat height

Such a beautiful and classic bike should literally be within everyone’s reach – and we’re not just talking about the money. If you’re a biker who is under 1.7 m tall, you’re probably wondering how to reduce the Kawasaki W800’s seat height. If you have already ridden a motorcycle or are just learning to ride, you will realize that not reaching the ground with both feet once you are on the bike is uncomfortable. It gives a feeling of instability and insecurity, which is completely normal, since not resting firmly reduces the driver’s balance and expertise during braking/starting maneuvers.
One option is to purchase the low seat that the same manufacturer has available in its store, but you will barely manage to reduce the seat height of the Kawasaki W800 in two centimeters, not to mention that this change will cost you more than 300 euros. There are other alternatives that we have already

we have already talked about in past reviews

of motorcycles of the same brand, but they are not recommended because of the modifications that have to be made to the vehicle structure.

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