SUV motorcycle? Here’s how to get to the ground better on the Honda X-ADV


In this blog we do not usually review scooters as they could be considered a separate segment from conventional motorcycles (whether sport, trail, touring, etc.). Although to the novice eye they might look very similar, any purist or motorcycling connoisseur will tell you that they are worlds apart. In this entry we will present a model that, although not new, has not ceased to seem novel in each edition. We are talking about the Honda X-ADV motorcycle-scooter, a vehicle that some have called “the SUV of motorcycles”. And if you’re worried about seat height, today we’ll also tell you how to get to the ground better on the Honda X-ADV.


Honda X-ADV 2023 data sheet

The Honda X-ADV has seduced quite a few bikers since it hit the market. Is it a motorcycle? Is it a scooter? We can say that it is treading on both terrains, even flirting with trail or adventure bikes. It has a 745 cc parallel twin-cylinder engine with low and medium rpm performance.
Like the scooters, its fuel consumption is quite low: 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers. It has an electric throttle that lets you adjust the character of the propellant with four driving modes and a customizable mode. It has a power output of 57.80 hp, although there is a version available that is limited to 35 kW to be used with the A2 license. The chassis has a multi-tubular structure with a 17” (front) and 15” (rear) wheel at the ends. It weighs 236 kg and the seat height is 820 mm.

How to get better ground clearance on the Honda X-ADV

Despite being related to scooters, the Honda X-ADV 2023 has a considerable height. Measures the same as the


and only 10 mm less than the


. With practice, many shorter bikers are learning techniques to better reach the ground on larger vehicles. These


Although effective in many cases, they represent a driving risk since no one is exempt from a miscalculation or a wrong footfall. Our recommendation is not to take any risks.

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