Get ready for the cold: winter motorcycle clothing recommendations

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of riding a motorcycle is feeling the wind when you pick up a road at a good speed. But this factor starts to work against you when the summer season expires, the first leaves of the trees fall and the weather becomes adverse. This is when winter motorcycle clothing is crucial. If you’re a biker just starting out, it’s important to know one thing: what you can find in your closet won’t be enough.

The importance of motorcycle clothing in winter

Take into consideration two key points when getting on a motorcycle: you need to have a lot – if not total – comfort so that you can go on long rides without having to suffer; and, most importantly, ride safely. A good set of accessories will help you to have these two needs well covered.

And when we say that the clothes or accessories you may have in your closet will not fit the bill, it is because they are not made to protect your body from the elements while you are going at several tens of kilometers per hour.

Freezing wind, few hours of sunlight, snow, wet ground. All this can be your worst enemy if you go out on a motorcycle without being well armed for battle. Imagine the following: you are just getting started in motorcycling, you decide to take a weekend ride in the outskirts of your city and the weather forecast is calling for low temperatures and some rain. You think a thick jacket, the winter gloves your grandmother knitted you and some industrial boots will get you out of trouble. We regret to tell you that you will not drive safely or in comfort.

That’s why we want to recommend you a couple of motorcyclist accessories to be well prepared for the rest of the winter (you can also complement them with these other recommendations for the season that we published in a previous post of this blog).

a previous post in this blog


Winter motorcycle jacket


The cornerstone of any motorcycle winter kit: the jacket. Our recommendation is the Alpinestars Andes V2 with DRYSTAR® technology, a versatile and 100% waterproof jacket. It offers all-weather adaptability, reflective details to improve your visibility to other drivers and a number of useful pockets.

This jacket stands out for its breathability thanks to its Direct Ventilation System (DVS). Get it for just over €250.

Motorcycle gloves for winter

Something that is seldom said about motorcycle riding during the cold season is the ordeal of not having good hand protection. No matter how hard you try to warm them up or hide them, they will cool down again as soon as you get going. To avoid these hardships, we recommend the Spidi Winter Tourer gloves. A micro suede/micro fleece accessory that is windproof, waterproof and thermal.

A detail that will surely please you is that its design and materials will allow you to operate touch screens like those of your phone without having to take them off. Its price is around €65.

Motorcycle boots for winter

As with your hands, wearing shoes that offer little protection will give you a hard time during the winter while riding your motorcycle. But unlike gloves, to protect your feet you need boots that combine thermal insulation and mobility. The Forma Adventure boots have exactly that balance between sufficiently protecting your feet from the cold and rain, and the ability to feel that your limbs can maneuver without problems.

For €275 they can all be yours.

Jacket, gloves, winter boots… and Upbikers!

Remember we mentioned that it is very important to have accessories that allow you to drive safely and comfortably? Well, if you’re reading this and you’re a biker who is under 5’10” or have difficulty stepping firmly with both feet, Upbikers is the accessory you need.

They are placed on the tips of your feet, adding 4 centimeters to the most important contact point in order to maintain balance during braking-starting maneuvers. Their versatile design goes with any shoe – even Forma Adventure boots – and they’re so comfortable it’s as if you’re not wearing them at all.

Check out our


Check out the comments of buyers who already enjoy the security of Upbikers and encourage you to buy them.

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