Motorcycles for short women

Motos para mujeres bajitas

The world of motorcycles is a universal passion. You only need to try a road on two wheels, feel the wind in your face and accelerate to find out. And as there are bikers of all origins, there are also vehicles for every terrain, pocket and, why not, stature. And there is a reality: statistically there is a very marked height gap between men and women. According to a
study published in 2019
, that difference in Spain was significant: on average, men are 13 centimeters taller than women. That is why it is important for short women to know what motorcycle options are on the market that fit their needs.

I am a short woman, what bike do I need?

Motorcycles for short women

There is really no specific height requirement to be able to ride a motorcycle. However, the golden rule is clear: you need to have a large part of the surface of both feet on the ground while the bike is stationary. Touching only with the tips of your toes or using only one foot can increase the risk of losing balance or the vehicle rolling sideways during a stop-start maneuver.

If you are thinking of buying a motorcycle but you are nervous that your height will be an impediment to ride it properly, what we are going to present below will be of interest to you. In the

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of this blog we talked about motorcycles that weigh little, now here are our recommendations of motorcycles for short women.

Honda CTX700

One of the most versatile on the market. The Honda CTX700 is an obvious choice for shorter female riders as the seat height is just over 70 centimeters. It is a vehicle with high comfort, remarkable weather protection and considerable power.

One feature to highlight is its automatic transmission called Dual-Clutch Transmission (DTC). The DTC allows you to choose between fully automatic driving or manual selection.

Triumph Street Twin

Next on the list will please newbies and veterans alike. The Triumph Street Twin has a height of almost 75 centimeters, 900cc of power and a fairly stable suspension. Its market price is affordable and maintains the reputation of the aforementioned brand.

One of its main properties is that its ergonomics make the Street Twin extremely comfortable to ride. Perfect for those looking for a motorcycle for short trips.


If you’re a biker who prefers to dust off your shoes a bit and head out on an adventure, this is a great option. The BMW G650 GS is one of the smaller models of the iconic German brand. Its nearly 77 centimeters in height and with a factory low suspension option will appeal to many shorter female riders who wish to explore off-road.

A motorcycle of great economy since it has a small engine and is not at odds with being used as a vehicle to be used daily on the way to work.

What other options are there for women of short stature?

Motorcycles for short women

Maybe, after reading our recommendations, you have been convinced to purchase one of these models but are still looking for more security. Or maybe you have already decided on a high displacement motorcycle model and need an accessory that allows you to place both feet on the asphalt when the vehicle is stopped. For either scenario, the solution is Upbikers.

With Upbikers you will add 4 centimeters to your limbs, which will make it easier to place your feet on the static bike or before starting. It is an accessory that fits with any footwear and is suitable for all foot sizes. It doesn’t matter if you have a small foot or you usually wear sneakers or boots: Upbikers will adjust well so that, in addition to supporting your feet, you can move the brake and shift pedals.

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