I can’t reach the ground on my motorcycle, what do I do?

We know that motorcycle seat height can be a problem when buying the bike we’ve always wanted. That moment when you’re finally testing the bike you like the most and you realize that you can’t reach the ground well can be frustrating. That’s when you think, I can’t get to the ground on the bike, what do I do?

Reaching the ground and being able to rest our feet without any complications is essential for our driving and safety, whether when maneuvering at a standstill or simply stopping at a stop sign or traffic light.

adjust motorcycle suspensions

In this article we will analyze the various options that the market provides to solve the problems we encounter when we have short stature.

Reduce the seat

Many low riders make the decision to carry the to an upholsterer to have it lowered.However, we must take into account that when modifying the seat and altering its design may result in loss of comfort after sitting for several kilometers, we are able to discomfort while driving our motorcycles. For us, this is the least recommended option, since changing the size of the seat and resorting to the service of an upholsterer is usually costly. It is not the most suitable for a seat of a motorcycle that we have just bought, especially if we have other options.

Change seat

Often, for aesthetics or comfort, we decide to change the seat of our motorcycles, and although there are usually several options for drivers, not all models have compatible alternatives for our motorcycle. In many cases, we do not like the design of the compatible seats, they are not of good quality or the comfort is insufficient. In addition to the expense of investing in a new seat can be high. From


we recommend that before making such an investment, you investigate and try other options.


Adjusting the suspension

We have already talked on several occasions about suspension tuning on motorcycles, for example in this article.
Honda SH 125
and the drawbacks are similar.

  • Not all motorcycles have adjustable suspension.
  • Can be expensive to do it yourself
  • Taking our motorcycle to have it done will require our time and money.
  • Adjusting the suspension can cause our motorcycle to bottom out in potholes and damage components of the bike.


Getting to the ground better on the Upbikers bike


From UPBIKERS we have asked ourselves the question “I can’t reach the ground on my bike, what do I do? That’s why we put on sale the UPBIKERS V2 with option for bikes with gears and without gears. A safety accessory that provides 4 extra centimeters to the driver. Improves the maneuver of getting on and off,you will rest your foot on the ground sooner,the stops will be safer,specific design for each foot,easy to put on, remove and store.

You can take a look at its
main features.

We hope we have answered your questions and helped you. We, like you, had the same problem at the time about how to get to the ground. Now we have the solution.

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